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Episode 308: Subversion Of A Nation: CRT

Subversion Of A Nation  Subversion Of A Nation

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This week my focus is on the Subversion that has been occurring for decades in education and is now the full blown Marxist push via CRT. Now CRT is not new, it is right out of the 1930’s Frankfurt School. With that in mind, there are a lot of pundits out there that are loudly blasting CRT for what it is. This program brings it home to Ohio as an example for every State in the Nation.

One key element to understand is that the subversion is insidious by virtue of the vocabulary woven into every subject taught in schools. The acronym CRT is the tip of the iceberg in how the real language has word definition manipulation throughout the educational system. What that means is that your school or board of education may claim no CRT is in the district BUT – ask to see the curriculum and you will find every buzzword of Critical Theory in every subject taught. Continue reading

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2-15-20 Adam Retych Talking Israel

Adam Retych Complexity of Situation

I am delighted to have Adam Retych back on the program Talking Israel. Many of you will remember Adam from last year as he brought us fantastic insights into SEL.

Adam is a friend who is in his second year of college and getting ready to move into additional challenges as he will be taking on his major studies throughout the summer and into the next couple of years.

I know, you are still scratching your head… SEL??? Remember the Ohio Board of Education plans regarding Social Emotional Learning. Go back and review what Adam enlightened us about regard this topic in these two programs:

December 2018 SEL: Stealing Individualism and Making Minions

April 2019 4-6-19 Ohio SEL and Electoral College

Talking Israel

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