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Planned Pulpit Corruption – Melancton Smith Senate Predictions

Planned Pulpit CorruptionCorrupt the Pulpits

I have been castigated by many pastors for my position regarding Planned Pulpit Corruption. I have heard many sermons over my life as a follower of Jesus. Doing the math it would equates to about 2250 messages from the pulpit if I was able to be in church every Sunday. Yet, I have always wondered why, if the millions of Jesus Followers were living the Gospel in its intended ‘extensible’ manner; society, business, schools and government would not be Christ like? Or why hasn’t the Church been the teachers and keepers of good governance even more like what the Founders of America intended for our Constitutional Republic? In this program, I trace just the very tip of the iceberg here, as a followup from last week, bringing out that the majority of pastors, churches and even individual Christians are co-conspirators in the situation that our Republic has faced and is presently facing as an immoral nation lead by immoral people.

The Present Senate Prediction – Melancton Smith Continued:

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Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution: A Must Watch Series

The Chaplains and Clergy of the RevolutionThe Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution

As promised, we are bringing you the video  series of THE CHAPLAINS and CLERGY of the REVOLUTION published in 1864. This book was written by J. T. Headly. He was also the author of: “WASHINGTON AND HIS GENERALS,” “NAPOLEON AND HIS MARSHALS,” ETC, ETC.

Why a Video Series?

Why read this book into a video series? Our Nation needs the truth of what motivated the Citizenry to be strong and have the moral courage to fight for Liberty. So too  our churches need to understand that the pulpits must be the root of civil society and the voice of Liberty. Most importantly, our children and grandchildren need to know there is hope for their future. They need to know that this hope is in  History that shows us that with the leadership of God, although there may be a heavy cost, Liberty can be sustained.

Through the reading of this book in video format linked in the blog posts, you will hear Tom memorializing history for his grandchildren. The hope is that you will find the time to do the same with your friends and family.

How Long Is It?

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11-5-15 Get out the Vote – Liberty in the Balance

The Radio Show promotion description:

Today I am very passionate about the root of what has been occurring during this last push in the effort to retain our Liberty. I’m discussing the root of Liberty, as our Founders – especially Sam Adams, clearly understood it. That being the roots established in the Reformation!

I’m not ashamed or shy about identifying that evil has been allowed to propagate in this Republic because the pastors have not made Reformation truth extensible into every aspect of life including education and politics. With the lack of our Founders desire for a moral and virtuous people, the battle for the Republic should have started in the pulpits.

Nor am I shy about telling those who have been in the Patriot movement since the ‘70’s, as myself, that becoming sanctimonious now is turning their backs on what they were seeking since those early engagements against socialism, communism, globalism and elitism domestically. The full exposure of the inner workings of the enemies of the Republic can now be confronted by a force that once was in the valley of the shadow, confronted and then steps taken to return to Founders Intent. Because we did not raise many champions of Liberty in the moral and virtuous nature defined by our Founders, those that could have engaged in the mire of the swamp without being caught in the quicksand on the edges – the swamp as predicted by the Anti-federalists over the course of the last 60 years is a complete picture of their warnings – We now must be encouraged by a champion that has seen a greater cause then himself and has risen out of the swamp to fight the alligators and the venomous snakes that he’s lived amongst. This is the last hope for the Republic to move in a direction of reform according to Foundational Principles.

Yes, the fight will be grueling since even the majority of those in the Republican Party are swamp monsters too. We who call ourselves true seekers of the Word and Patriots must reach a hand to this new Champion that refuses to give up and is willing to stand on the small island of hope that remains, being our Constitution as intended, as he looks to us to us accountability to help drain the swamp!

I do make an appeal that you listen today if you never have before. If you have been a regular listener, “Thank You”! Based on what is at stake with the Supreme Court, this is the most critical election since the delegates were elected in 1774. The parallels in history are discussed in today. We are fighting for Liberty no different then the time of the Revolution.

The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life! Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

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