The Present Civil War; Melancton Smith: Anti-federalists Predicted

The Present Civil War; Melancton Smith: Anti-federalists Predicted

Melancton Smith was a key Anti-federalist during the whole period of debates on the Constitution of 1787. Interestingly, The Anti-federalists had amazing foresight to the extent that their arguments were predictive to what we are experiencing in The Present Civil War.

The October Imprimis has a very good article called “America’s Cold Civil War” that fitfully describes what I and others have been talking about for years. Yet, the predictive perspective of this actually began with the Anti-federalists.  This Present Civil War is a culmination of ideologies that were not countered by the expectations of John Adams and Madison: This Constitution is ‘Only’ for a Moral and Virtuous people and none others.

Reading to my Grandchildren

Before we get into the meat of the program I let you know about the book that I am reading in a virtual way to my Grandchildren. “The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution” by J.T. Headley published in 1824 is an amazing factual portrayal of the Christian influence in the formation of the nation, impact in the military – all from the pulpits and into the communities. Headley comments that this was compiled because historians refuse to acknowledge what the role of these Christian leaders had in forming the nation. Since we do not get to see our Grandchildren very often this is one way that I can read to them via YouTube.

The Meat of Today’s Program

In the instance of today’s program we will look at the 23 June, 1788 reply of Melancton Smith to the New York State Constitutional Convention.

Melancton Smith had to endure the minimizing of principles by none other than Robert Livingston (this is a correction for the actual Program). Livingston being a ‘statist’, would have ultimately preferred a consolidated national government. Smith warns about proper representation, too many departments allowed in the Constitution and an ‘aristocratic legislature’ is belittled by Livingston. Smith stands his ground in response and further develops concerns that we are experiencing this very day.

All the warnings and predictions of the Anti-federalists regarding the Constitution being manipulated come to fruition and Kesler does a really good job of putting it in perspective via the October Imprimis. I cover some key points in that regard.

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With that said, We MUST understand our Foundational Truths to keep the Republic and Constitutionalism working according to Original Intent.

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The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Melancton Smith retort: 23 June, 1788 New York Constitutional Convention Debates

2. “America’s Cold Civil War” by Charles R. Kesler

3. The Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution Compiled by J. T. Headley, 1864

4. My reading of the Book on YouTube: The Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution

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