3-27-21 John Trudel Interview – History Predicts the Present

History Predicts the Present    History Predicts the Present

This week I interview Author, scientist and technologist John Trudel to discuss how History Predicts the Present. We have a real fun time recounting a harrowing experience while flying back from a book signing.

We are also catching up on how writing fiction has its place in following history can predict the present by expressing what is known from technology, sociology, psychology and religion.

What’s Reality

John and I will delve into what is going on in our present day United States. This is a look through the quick flash-bang perspective of his techno-thriller hero’s view as we relate the demise of Venezuela to that of US. Yes, there is a mention of a Dominion involvement. More importantly, the three potential realities for the US is brought into a simple perspective as we consider what history predicts the present.

Bio Weapons – Hmm

The rising intensity of the thumping media mesmerized minions is offset by the groundswell of individuals that know how to read and think for themselves. John briefly shares how self-thinking folks are snapping up one of his past books ‘Soft Target’ which bring the plan to use a bio-weapon in and on these United States.

What are the facts regarding the forced policies surrounding the ChicomFlu? If you are open to ‘following the data,’ the De-Presser Play List on YouTube will take you through the journey that clearly shows we all have been duped. All we are now experiencing is The China Virus Deception Campaign directing more lies to keep the Citizenry distracted, in fear and every aspect of American life controlled.

To The Point

History predicts the present when people loose knowledge and understanding of their history. Getting to the point: It is time to act.

To retain your Liberty requires getting involved locally. Bringing good governance with accountability is necessary. Only you can do that by engaging your elected and even the bureaucrats that impact your Townships, Municipalities, County and State.

Get engaged now.

Get Educated Constitutionally

Join with me in understanding our Federal Constitution. I am participating with the Institute On The Constitution (IOTC) in bring great online and at your facilities training a deep knowledge of our Founding truth. Follow this link to get going!

Hey Ohio – I am assisting IOTC Ohio Team in developing the course for the Ohio Constitution. Help us raise the money to bring the high quality videos and workbooks to you. Participate in that work by following this Link.

Sam Adams Wisdom

Let me keep it simple this week in that Sam Adams was a man of action. Here is the order of his action:

  • Pray

  • Understand the issue at hand – research for yourself

  • Apply Foundational Principles – Bible first

  • Know your History – understand the efforts and mistakes of your forefathers

  • Seek Wisdom – Pray, knowledge and understanding applied

  • Develop a Strategy taking into consideration the extending consequences

  • Timing – pay attention to who, what and where the strategy will be applied

  • Implement the Strategy

How You Can Support The Cause.

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We appreciate you consideration in supporting what Samuel Adams Returns is about.

Thank you in advance.

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