4-25-20 Expanded: Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Voting

Blooper :

My apologies for having to rerun “Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Voting.” In fact, I had a fabulous guest phone interview that I promised you last week. Joan Swirsky is a delight to converse with. Well, I created a Blooper by not having one of the cables on the mixer in the wrong place. Hence, we had a great interview and although the meter on the recording device showed I was getting her side of the conversation, well it was not enough for even the best software to boost the volume.

Joan is kind enough to agree on a re-interview for next week. In fact, there is so much to talk to Joan about that I intend to invite her on again sometime this summer as well.

Updating the Blog portion :  Ballot Theft

The original broadcast of Virtue of the Elected and Sam Adams on Votingwas in September of 2018. My how time flies. Yet, as I listened to the content, the core issue is more important to address.

Voting is one of the critical elements “in play” with this debacle of the Chicom Flu. The intent of the daemon-crats, the bureaucratic elite at NIH, particularly NIAID and CDC are ideologues, as much as medical scientists, colluding to destroy our free elections. Pay attention to the program 4-11-20 Lost Vote Predicted in 1787. Voter Fraud is what the Opposition to Liberty is after.

We have clearly been witnessing the lack of Virtue in those elected to office especially the daemoncratic1 House and Senate. This is also true in just about every Legislature in the various States. Worse are the Governors of the various states. Once again, the Daemon-crat governors are the most despotic with some Repudican governors acting as of the same nature.

The essence of what I just stated is captured in my most recent post quoting DeTocqueville. I believe it incumbent on each Citizen to read the quote and consider what it says. Yes, I will be breaking it down in the article for those that don’t want to do their own critical thinking.

From My Podcast Listening Notes:

The reality that morality has left the classroom and higher-learning is systemic of what has occurred in the congregations across the nation that should have been raising up leaders for governance. Those that were at the Foundation of the nation Clearly understood humanity and the willfulness of mankind. In both the Federalist and Anti-federalist Papers, the ills of humanity were assumed to be a result of mankind without contextual reference to the Biblical God.

What the Chicom Flu has brought more intensity to is the dissatisfaction that the population has with governance and their willingness to let the senior elected and bureaucratic elite control by emotionalism. Let me make a point that the author of ‘The Federal Farmer” letters makes regarding his points:

“To determine this question with propriety; we must attentively examine the system itself, and the probable consequences of either step. This I shall endeavor to do, so far as I am able, with candor and fairness; and leave you to decide upon the propriety of my opinions, the weight of my reasons, and how far my conclusions are well drawn.”

The first issue at hand that facilitates the update of this Blog post is that of the afore mentioned Chicom Flu. I have no intention to delve into the plethora of data that proves that this is just that, a flu. Very targeted in its effects on those in certain demographics. Without question it is a difficult one, yet it has been media and daemon-crat politically blown out into “maniacal fear”. The results have been hoarding and worse, House Arrest of the entire population. Oh, the Bureaucratic NIH and CDC call in quarantine. Think about it, in the past we sent people to isolated places like North Brother Island. Check out the video too.

But no! The Bureaucratic maniacs have ideological insidious intent that has destroyed our economy, imprisoned every Free Citizen and is instituting a “new normal” that is absolutely contrary to Liberty and Constitutionalism. Hmm, the Kozak Plan!

The main stream media is culpable in this pan-maniac reactionary power shift. I took note of the specific comments in the Federal Farmer #1:

“It must be granted, that if men hastily and blindly adopt a system of government, they will as hastily and as blindly be led to alter or abolish it; and changes must ensue, one after another, till the peaceable and better part of the community will grow weary with changes, tumults and disorders, and be disposed to accept any government however despotic, that shall promise stability and firmness.”

So, the whole nation “blindly and hastily” adopted stay-at-home and the other emotionalize mandates by the bureaucrat manipulation of the elected administrations. What we are seeing is that the deamon-crat despots at the state levels are making the greatest changes. Look at Ohio. The repudican governor is cow-towing to an Obama (communist – remember that progressives are communist) ideologue who is the Director of Health. Can anyone connect the dots on that?

Oh, Consider the Facts that President Trump has not been able to replace the heads of agencies and we have thousands of Obama like ideologues in each position of the bureaucracies in the national government as well.

Therefore, take the quote above and read it through about five times and it should begin to sink in that the citizenry will grow weary of all these “changes, tumults and disorders” becoming willing to accept whatever – even a despotic government if there is that promise of “stability and firmness.” To that, look at all the governors who are now putting restrictions on Patriot Citizen protesting. Duh!

Another point from this Federal Farmer letter is a long statement that goes to what the daemon-crats are jumping on. They are bug-eyed, with fangs exposed, salivating over the crisis at hand. Well, they are the same ilk as at the construction of the Constitution of 1787:

“I know uneasy men, who with very much to precipitate, do not admit all these facts; but they are facts well known to all men who are thoroughly informed in the affairs of this country. It must, however, be admitted, that our federal system is defective, and that some of the state governments are not well administered; but, then, we impute to the defects in our governments many evils and embarrassments which are most clearly the result of the late war. We must allow men to conduct on the present occasion, as on all similar one’s. They will urge a thousand pretenses to answer their purposes on both sides. When we want a man to change his condition, we describe it as wretched, miserable, and despised; and draw a pleasing picture of that which we would have him assume. And when we wish the contrary, we reverse our descriptions. Whenever a clamor is raised, and idle men get to work, it is highly necessary to examine facts carefully, and without unreasonably suspecting men of falsehood, to examine, and enquire attentively, under what impressions they act. It is too often the case in political concerns that men state facts not as they are, but as they wish them to be; and almost every man, by calling to mind past scenes, will find this to be true.

Nothing but the passions of ambitious, impatient, or disorderly men, I conceive, will plunge us into commotions, if time should be taken fully to examine and consider the system proposed. Men who feel easy in their circumstances, and such as are not sanguine in their expectations relative to the consequences of the proposed change, will remain quiet under the existing governments. Many commercial and monied men, who are uneasy, not without just cause, ought to be respected; and by no means, unreasonably disappointed in their expectations and hopes; but as to those who expect employments under the new constitution; as to those weak and ardent men who always expect to be gainers by revolutions, and whose lot it generally is to get out of one difficulty into another, they are very little to be regarded; and as to those who designedly avail themselves of this weakness and ardor, they are to be despised. It is natural for men, who wish to hasten the adoption of a measure, to tell us, now is the crisis-now is the critical moment which must be seized or all will be lost; and to shut the door against free enquiry, whenever conscious the thing presented has defects in it, which time and investigation will probably discover. This has been the custom of tyrants, and their dependents in all ages. If it is true, what has been so often said, that the people of this country cannot change their condition for the worse, I presume it still behooves them to endeavor deliberately to change it for the better. The fickle and ardent, in any community are the proper tools for establishing despotic government. But it is deliberate and thinking men, who must establish and secure governments on free principles. Before they decide on the plan proposed, they will enquire whether it will probably be a blessing or a curse to this people.”

What is mixed in these two paragraphs is the critical place that we are at. Will those persons intent on changing our local, state and national governments be those that “the passions of ambitious, impatient, or disorderly men, I conceive, will plunge us into commotions,” and with the expressing the calamity of the Chicom Flu, “ hasten the adoption of a measure, to tell us, now is the crisis-now is the critical moment which must be seized or all will be lost; and to shut the door against free enquiry, whenever conscious the thing presented has defects in it, which time and investigation will probably discover.” Therefore we hear the cry that the ballot box should be closed and “vote by mail” is the only solution.

I say to the vote-by-mail crowd – “horse mucky” and that it is a herd of cattle spraying on spring grass.

Now here is the meat of the letter being played out in real-time:

  • “The plan of government now proposed is evidently calculated totally to change, in time, our condition as a people. Instead of being thirteen republics, under a federal head, it is clearly designed to make us one consolidated government.”

  • “By these and other causes, several orders of men in the community have been prepared, by degrees, for a change of government; and this very abuse of power in the legislatures, which in some cases has been charged upon the democratic part of the community, has furnished aristocratical men with those very weapons, and those very means, with which, in great measure, they are rapidly effecting their favorite object.”

  • “The conduct of several legislatures, touching paper money, and tender laws, has prepared many honest men for changes in government, which otherwise they would not have thought of-when by the evils, on the one hand, and by the secret instigations of artful men, on the other, the minds of men were become sufficiently uneasy, a bold step was taken, which is usually followed by a revolution, or a civil war.”

  • “The uneasy and fickle part of the community may be prepared to receive any form of government;”

Read the complete Letter Here. But…. Most won’t.

Sam Adams on Voting :

Sam always hits the nail on the head and drives the points home. Regarding the Chicom Flu and the actions of the governors. I would equate what Sam wrote respecting the virtue of the elected, the vetting of candidates and the bate and switch of the political miscreants.

“BEFORE this will reach you, your Countrymen will have finished the important business of electing their Legislators, Magistrates and Governors for the ensuing year. I hope they have made a wise choice. At least, from the opinion I entertain of their virtue, I am persuaded they have acted with all that deliberation and caution which the solemnity of the transaction required. They may then reflect, each one on his own integrity, and appeal to the Monitor within his breast, that he has not trifled with the sacred trust reposed in him by GOD and his country—that he has not prostituted his honor and conscience to please a friend or a patron —that he has not been influenced with the view of private emolument to himself and his family, but has faithfully given his vote for the candidate whom he thought most worthy the choice of free and virtuous citizens—I congratulate that Legislator, Magistrate & Governor, who knows that neither smiles, entreaties, gifts, dissimulation, intrigue, nor any base and dishonorable practices have procured him this exalted station. His fellow citizens, unsollicited by him, have called him into their service, from the opinion they have formed of his integrity and adequate abilities.—He feels himself happy in their opinion of him—happy is he indeed, if he is conscious he deserves it.”

I think you should chew on this one for a while. If I can get you to focus on one point. It is the giving of a vote. It is a solemn duty before God! Therefore, logic would demand that illegals and the corrupt call condemnation upon themselves for participating in elections and for seeking the favoritism that they would garner by doing so. Ahhhh, I get it. No one believes in God, condemnation, judgement and the such. To bad, it is real and plays out based on how the election goes.

Then consider the points he makes about those who get elected.

Now the next paragraph that touches on the consequences of no virtue in the election process. I liken this next section to the political party elite establishing their powers. Not only that, we do not vet candidates according to foundational principles. Nor do we develop leaders with core principles. To that we see the fatal actions of the governors of the various states upon the Liberties of the Citizenry.

“But our countrymen will not imagine, that having filled the several departments of government, they have no further concern about it. It is, I humbly conceive, their duty and interest to attend to the manner in which it is administered by those whom they have entrusted. HOW often has the finishing stroke been given to public virtue, by those who possessed, or seemed to possess many amiable virtues? GUSTAVUS VASA was viewed by the Swedes as the deliverer of their country from the Danish yoke. The most implicit obedience, says the historian, was considered by them as a debt of gratitude, and a virtue. He had many excellent qualities. His manners were conciliating—His courage and abilities great—But the people by an entire confidence in him suffered him to lay a foundation for absolute monarchy. They were charmed with his moderation and wisdom, qualities which he really possessed; but they did not consider his ambition, nor had they a thought of his views. They found peace restored, order established, justice administered, commerce protected, and the arts and sciences encouraged, and they looked no further. They did not imagine, that he who had been the instrument of recovering the independence of their country, could be the very man who was to effect the ruin of their liberties. By the Constitution of Sweden their kings were elective, and the powers of the crown were exceedingly limited. The unsuspecting people even voluntarily gave up their right of election, and suffered Gustavus to enlarge the powers of the crown, and entail it in his own family! This is the account which the history of Sweden has given us; and it affords an instance among a thousand others, of the folly and danger of trusting even good men with power, without regarding the use they make of it. Power is in its nature incroaching; and such is the human make, that men who are vested with a share of it, are generally inclined to take more than it was intended they should have. The love of power, like the love of money, increases with the possession of it; and we know, in what ruin these baneful passions have involved human societies in all ages, when they have been let loose and suffered to rage uncontrouled— There is no restraint like the pervading eye of the virtuous citizens.—I hope therefore our countrymen will constantly exercise that right which the meanest of them is intitled to, and which is particularly secured to them by our happy constitution, of inquiring freely, but decently, into the conduct of the public servants. The very being of the Commonwealth may depend upon it. I will venture to appeal to the experience of ancient Republicks, to evince the necessity of it; and it is never more necessary than in th infancy of a Commonwealth, and when the people have chosen honest men to conduct their affairs. For, whatever is done at a time nearly contemporary with the constitution, will be construed as the best exposition of it; and a mistaken principle of a virtuous ruler, whose public conduct is generally good, and always supposed to be honestly intended, carries with it an authority scarcely to be resisted, and precedents are thus formed which may prove dangerous—perhaps fatal.”

Are you going to voluntarily give up your right of election? In my opinion, allowing for ‘vote-by-mail’ is exactly that. Corruption will be there and like Gustavus, those who seem noble in your local and state governments will become, or as we see from the governors actions, despotic to the point of tyranny.

Last reflection from Sam to John Adams regarding voting:

“In pursuance of the provision in the Constitution, the people have recently exercised their own sovereign power in the election of another President. Elections to offices, even in the smallest Corporations, are and ought to be deemed highly important; of how much more importance is it, that elections to the highest offices in our extensive Republic, should be conducted in a manner and with a spirit becoming a free, virtuous and enlightened people, who justly estimate the value of their sacred rights. In the late elections, the people have turned their attention to several citizens, who have rendered eminent services to our federal Commonwealth in exalted stations. Upon which ever of the Candidates the lot may have fallen, the people have reason to expect, that his administration will be strictly conformable to the letter and true intent of the Constitution, that it may long continue to be the guarantee of our freely elective Republican Government.— On fair and uncontrouled elections, depend, under God, the whole superstructure of our government— should corruption ever insert itself in our elections, there would be great danger of corruption in our governments.—Although it is not long since the subject of elections was under the consideration of the Legislature, and a law passed for the purpose of further security to the people in the free exercise of this invaluable right; yet give me leave to suggest for your consideration, whether still further securities may not be provided, so that the rightful electors may not be frustrated in their honest intentions. That elections may not be contaminated by strangers, or unqualified persons, may it not be necessary that every man may be known, as far as possible, when he presents himself to give his vote; this may be more especially importan in our seaports and other populous towns, in which many foreigners of all sorts frequently reside. I would be far from dictating to you, but I would submit to your judgment whether, considering the liberality of this country to foreigners, and the frequency of their naturalizations, it may not be eligible that such foreigners should be required when they offer their votes to the Selectmen of the towns, to produce authentic certificates from the Courts, by which they were endowed with so high a privilege, as a test of thei citizenship.

Voter integrity has always been a critical aspect of a Free people. Why are we allowing the daemon-crats to press for that which would corrupt our Liberties even further?

Recap from 9-29-18

Today we look at the total disregard for a sovereign Constitutional Republic by the votes of the deamoncrats regarding HR 1071, which would rebuke those cities and states that allow illegals and non-citizens to vote. (as noted in the last section) Sam Adams wrote to John Adams about this issue.

The reality is that elected persons of dubious Characterare nothing new! Nor are those that tell the Constituent one thing and then go to the General Assembly and do something else or represent a different interest Is not new!

All of this is addressed in this program! Sam Adams not only writes to a friend concerning these issues but also with his wife. Again, it is clear that only a Moral and Virtuous people can bring forth Moral and Virtuous elected persons. We have not prepared those who should be in elected positions and the bureaucracy to do so according to Founders Principles and Intent.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. Federal Farmer #1

2. 140 House Democrats Refuse to Condemn Illegal Aliens Voting

3. All the other Sam Adams letters can be found in Volume IV of his writings.

1  Daemon-crat is my word derived from daemon. Daemon is the archaic spelling for an evil spirit.

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