Episode 335: The Church Implementing the New World Order

The Church Implementing the New World Order  Church & Tax Exempt Foundations

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What does it mean that the Church is Implementing the New World Order? Hey Tom, where do you get that gibberish from? I could begin with a book I read that was published in 1975 by C. Gregg Singer but I want you to dig into the refreshed perspective of what has happened over the last 100 years in the article by Dr. Mike Spaulding.

The Church Has Become a Vehicle to Implement the New World Order’ is from the larger work on church and state that Dr. Spaulding has contributed to. For most Christians, the ostrich has its head in the sand by design. I’ve know Dr. Mike Spaulding for a number of years and his patriotism, knowledge and Faithfulness to Jesus reminds me of the Clergy of the American Revolution.

This interview with Mike is not only personal fun but gets into the background of the article and dissecting it so that additional background comes to light. We also get to a solution which Mike has written in a eBook that can be downloaded from his website (see the references below.)

Simply put, to understand if ones own church, not just the major denominations and the new ‘woke congregations’ are solid in the totality of God’s intent; Dr. Mike suggests that you ask this question: ‘Are they living the Gospel?’ I expand that with, is the sovereignty of Father, Son and Holy Spirit being actively implemented in every aspect of the lives in attendance or are the results of the pulpit preaching good for Sunday but never put into practice the remaining six days of the week?

Sam Adams Wisdom

As I often note, One of Sam’s monikers is ‘The Last Puritan.’ This is critical as to the application of the Gospel. In the first quote Sam refers to the corruptions of religion causing problems for cultural and political society. Second is a quote from a Proclamation Sam wrote as Lt. Governor for a day of Pray and Fasting

TO PETER THACHER. [MS., Samuel Adams Papers, Lenox Library.] PHILAD Augt 11 -78

Nothing can equal the barefaced Falshood of the Quakers & Tories in this City, unless perhaps their Folly, in giving out that M. Gerard does not come in the Character of a publick Minister, but only to obtain Pay for the Stores we have receivd from that Country. These Quakers are in general a sly artful People, not altogether destitute, as I conceive, of worldly Views in their religious Profession. They carefully educate their Children in their own contracted Opinions and Manners, and I dare say they have in their Hearts as perfect a System of Uniformity of Worship in their Way, and are busily employd about spiritual Domination as ever Laud himself was, but having upon professed Principles renouncd the Use of the carnal Weapon, they cannot consistently practice the too common Method made use of in former times, of dragooning Men into sound Beliefe. One might submit to their own inward Feelings, whether they do not now & then secretly wish for fire from Heaven in support of their Cause, in order to bring them upon a footing with. those whose Consciences dictate the kindling fires on Earth for the pious Purpose of convincing Gainsayers, and who keep the Sword in their Hands to enforce it. He who in the Spirit of the Apostle professes to wish Peace to all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ in Sincerity, must discover an unmortified Pride & a Want of Christian Charity to destroy the peace of others who profess to have that sincere Affection to the Common Master, because they differ from him in Matters of mere opinion. But the Post is just going. I must therefore conclude with assuring you that I am affectionately, Yours.’


IT having been the invariable practice from time to time when our pious and renowned ancestors took possession of this land, at the approaching season of the year, to set apart a day publickly to acknowledge an entire dependence on the Father of all Mercies for every needful blessing, and to express sorrow and repenntace for the manifold transgressions of His Holy Laws: And the Practice being highly becoming all people, especially those who profess the Christian Religion: I HAVE thought fit, by, and with the advice of the Council to appoint THURSDAY, the Seventeenth day of APRIL next, to be observed throughout this Commonwealth, as a day of PUBLIC FASTING, HUMILIATION and PRAYER; earnestly exhorting the Ministers of Religion to assemble with their respective Congregations on the same day—that deeply lamenting our ingratitude to our Heavenly Father, to whom we are under all possible obligations, and our many deviations from those right and safe Paths, into which, as our Supreme Governor, HE hath plainly directed us, we may with one heart and voice humbly implore His gracious and free pardon, thro’ JESUS CHRIST, supplicating His Divine aid that we may become a reformed and happy people. At the same time humbly beseeching HIM, mercifully to regard our lives and health, so that no infectious and mortal distemper may prevail amongst us: To favour our land with the alternate benefits of rain and warmth of the Sun; and that our hopes of a plentiful harvest may not be disappointed by devouring insects, or any other calamity:—To prosper our trade and fishery, and the labor of our hands:—To protect our navigation from the rapacious hands of invaders and robbers on the seas, and graciously to open a door of deliverance to our fellow-citizens in cruel captivity in a land of Barbarians:—To continue and confirm our civil and religious liberties; and for that great purpose to bless and direct our great University, and all Seminaries and Schools of education:— To guide and succeed the Councils of our Federal Government, as well as those of the several States in the Union, that under their respective Constitutions they may be led to such decisions as will establish the liberty, peace, safety, and honor of our country:— To inspire our friends and allies, the Republic of France, with a spirit of wisdom and true religion, that relying on the strength of HIS Almighty Arm, they may still go on prosperously till their arduous conflict for a government of their own, founded on the just and equal rights of men, shall be finally crowned with success:—And above all, to cause the Religion of JESUS CHRIST, in its true spirit, to spread far and wide, till the whole earth shall be filled with HIS glory.

And I do earnestly commend that all unnecessary labor and recreation be suspended on said day.’


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