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Education For A Modern Republic

I have discussed on my programs the type of education that Sam Adams received and in particular what his Harvard experience was like. Quiet simply, the majority of education in America today has nothing to do with Founders intent to raise up self-governing Citizens. I’ll leave it at that or as you know I’ll get very wordy in short order. 

With that, I will instead reference you to what Dr. Benjamin Rush wrote in 1789. Just to wet your mind a bit I am going to quote from the second paragraph then give you the opportunity to read my marked up version but…. I will also give you the link to the clean version so you don’t have to be influenced by my prejudices.

Dr. Rush wrote:

“The first remark that I shall make upon this subject is that an education in our own is to be preferred to an education in a foreign country. The principle of patriotism stands in need of the reinforcement of prejudice, and it is well known that our strongest prejudices in favor of our country are formed in the first one and twenty years of our lives. The policy of the Lacedamonians is well worthy of our imitation. When Antipater demanded fifty of their children as hostages for the fulfillment of a distant engagement, those wise republicans refused to comply with his demand but readily offered him double the number of their adult citizens, whose habits and prejudices could not be shaken by residing in a foreign country. Passing by, in this place, the advantages to the community from the early attachment of youth to the laws and constitution of their country, I shall only remark that young men who have trodden the paths of science together, or have joined in the same sports, whether of swimming, skating, fishing, or hunting, generally feel, through life, such ties to each other as add greatly to the obligations of mutual benevolence.”


Here is the link to this paper at The Founders Constitution from the University of Chicago


Now our Patriotism isn’t shaken by education in a foreign land but by foreigners educating those who should be Patriots. Instead we have Neo-marxists of every flavor and descentors** becoming dissenters with the intent of destroying the Republic as it was Intended to function. To the point that I always will say that ‘The Anti-federalists’ got it right.

**descentors: Those who are in “a moral, social, or psychological decline into a specified undesirable state:” Apple Dictionary, version 2.2.1 (194)


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10-7-17 Thoughts Upon The Mode Of Education Proper In A Republic

Thoughts Upon The Mode Of Education Proper In A Republic

The tragedy in Las Vegas is more easily assessed by admitting that we have degenerated in our educational system; because of a lack of knowledge, we see the results in our intentional move away from Founders Original Intent. As I began last week to talk about Witherspoon as a Founder and educator, this week I begin to discuss the treatise written by the gent that got Witherspoon to come to Princeton.

I’m not going to be long in the promo. Simply the key words are ‘inculcate’, ‘Liberty’, ‘Patriotism’, ‘Christianity’, ‘constitutionalism’ and ‘Republic’. I’m not going to get into the depth of it this week but… the battle of education in truth is not new; it was a battle even in 1786. Hmmm, maybe that is why we saw constitutionalism degenerate by the early 1800’s! I’m inclined to go with what Benjamin Rush has to say for our Republic.

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2-21-15 Program: Educating Sam Adams

This is one of my favorite programs to have done.  It goes through the education of the youth in the Colonies up to and slightly through 1765.  Education for those that attended Harvard during these early colonial times, most were around 15 in age, learned how to discover, develop critical thinking, learned the historical classics and could read and write greed and latin as well as their native language.

The brilliance of the Founders is due to the way they learned as much as what they learned.   I experienced some of that “Classical Education” in my you and it has set the foundation as to how I learn, think and problem solve.  Education, particularly government/public education, is incompetent at best.  One of the best written books on the education system in the US is called: “In the Presence of Our Enemies” by Ellen McClay.  It’s long but worth the read!

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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