2-28-15 Program: Sam Adams & Brutus VI and the Lesser Magistrate

Not only did Sam Adams argue, live and exemplify the reality that God is Sovereign in all things including governance but other noted Anti-Federalist expounded on these truths as well.

I continue with rounding out Sam Adams as the quintessential Lesser Magistrate and follow up with one of Robert Yates writings as Brutus.  Without getting into all the key points of Yates in Brutus VI; I want to highlight a couple of the elements that match what Sam lived:

  1. The expectation for the elected would be “For every man, rulers as well as others, are bound by the immutable laws of God and reason, always to will what is right.”
  2. The fear of Brutus is: “… The government would always say, their measures were designed and calculated to promote the public good; and there being no judge between them and the people, the rulers themselves must, and would always, judge for themselves.”

What I’m attempting to communicate in this program is that all Magistrates, even in these modern times, “are bound by the immutable laws of God” and responsible to govern accordingly.

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