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8-4-18 Sam Adam 1764 and John Knox Appellation

The fact and reality is: That Christians in the these United States are to be full Participants, Actively, in governing. Sam Adams exemplifies this in his penning of the “INSTRUCTIONS OF HE TOWN OF BOSTON TO ITS REPRESENTATIVES IN THE GENERAL COURT. MAY, 1764”, which according to the Colonial Charters set up participatory self-rule for the citizenry. Not only is it necessary to participate in self-governance but it is fact that a community, a county, a State and Nation can legislate morality. If they do not then the citizenry allows immorality to become the law to the detriment of the general community.

Now, This ‘Instruction’ addressed the despotism coming from the mother country and required responses via the ‘Lesser Magistrates’ elected by the people, most of whom were in fact Christians, to address the issues at had to the national government and the King. Those issues being Morality, Religious Liberty, Commerce and Manufacturing.

Since Sam Adams studied John Knox, Calvin and the other Reformers – He knew that the process of redress through the elected is proper even mandatory in a ‘Representative’ form of governance. Adams clearly addresses the ‘English Constitutionality’ of the people as sovereigns and the Reformation Principle of ‘Appealing’ to the ‘Lesser Magistrates’ to further the Liberty and happiness of the general public.

It is beyond comprehension and an absolute misrepresentation of Biblical Reformation and Colonial Principles for pastors, priest and rabbi’s to tell their congregations that they should ‘not be involved’, ‘fully submit to the government authority’, and ‘pay your taxes without complaint’. When tyranny and despotism are obvious and those elected are not acting as the agents of the Moral Sovereign of the Universe – Then is in this Constitutional Republic the absolute right and responsibility to call for redress and actively act against tyranny and despotism.

We have so much more to learn from our Founders and their original intent for good governance which is based on Reformation Biblical Principles.

Join me on the program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!

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7-18-2015: The Truth on Christian Resistance

As it is noted well in the references that I’m attaching Links to, the conflicting proposition on Christian Resistance or Disobedience has been a long term discussion.  My personal studies have concluded that if the early Church did not resist/disobey the Roman empire: we would not have Christianity today.  If the Magistrates and Ministers in the city of Magdeburg did not disobey and resist against the Catholic Habsburg emperor, Ferdinand II, we would not have the results of a Reformation.

Needless to comment is that Samuel Adams studied his Bible every day.  He was known as the “Last Puritan” not because of the way he dressed but because of his Biblical Reformation knowledge and non-bending principles.  He understood Biblical Covenant and that God is absolute Sovereign over all things and that Jesus received the fullness again with the Father and Spirit in that Sovereignty upon his Ascension.

This is Sam Adams understanding of God’s Sovereignty is the only place that any proper resistance can begin especially the Theology of Christian Resistance/Disobedience.  This week I bring you that introduction, well, I bring back the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate back to you in a different format.  I’m going to also give you the links to Doug Wilson’s Sermon Series/Blog Post on Christian Disobedience and the link to a composite work on “The Theology of Christian Resistance.”

As always, 45 minutes of radio cannot make up for hours of content.  My hope is that this will get the brain cells and spirit moving.  As I always say, there is not true Idea of Liberty with out Liberty given by Jesus.  With that, there is no rational way to resist tyranny and despotism unless you understand what Sam Adams understood in the Biblical context of Resistance and Disobedience to tyrants.


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Doug Wilson Sermon Series on Christian Resistance:

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #1

On Christian Disobedience #2 Blog Post

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #3

On Christian Disobedience #4 (Daniel 6:6-11)

To the Supreme Court:

On Christian Disobedience #5 | A Sermon for Five

The Theology of Christian Resistance: A compilation of writers


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3-14-15 Program: S. A. The Lesser Magistrate Prt. 2

It is in my opinion that those in the political game all the way from the Water Board to the Presidency have no understanding of “The Doctrine of the Minor/Lesser Magistrate.”  As discussed in the last program, I believe that Sam Adam had the full understanding of this Doctrine and lived it to the fullest!

I had to keep the points going as to how and why this is true with Sam and maybe, just maybe someone who is running for office will want to understand that it is NOT a political game but a responsibility given by God to govern according to His Principles in every aspect of civil society.

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3-7-15 Program: S. A. The Lesser Magistrate

A few programs back I introduced the “Doctrine of the Minor/Lesser Magistrate.”  In this program I bring to light how Sam Adams understood this “Doctrine” and in reality lived it as the quintessential Lesser Magistrate.

OK, just to get it straight on the definition, quintessential in this context means: representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality.

Sam Adams from his first elected position to the last term of office as the Governor of Massachusetts understood who the Great Sovereign is and how that applies to every aspect of life and governance.  Sam Adams fully applied the “Doctrine of the Minor/Lesser Magistrate” during his life.  I hope for moderns that can understand and apply this truth in the present.

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2-28-15 Program: Sam Adams & Brutus VI and the Lesser Magistrate

Not only did Sam Adams argue, live and exemplify the reality that God is Sovereign in all things including governance but other noted Anti-Federalist expounded on these truths as well.

I continue with rounding out Sam Adams as the quintessential Lesser Magistrate and follow up with one of Robert Yates writings as Brutus.  Without getting into all the key points of Yates in Brutus VI; I want to highlight a couple of the elements that match what Sam lived:

  1. The expectation for the elected would be “For every man, rulers as well as others, are bound by the immutable laws of God and reason, always to will what is right.”
  2. The fear of Brutus is: “… The government would always say, their measures were designed and calculated to promote the public good; and there being no judge between them and the people, the rulers themselves must, and would always, judge for themselves.”

What I’m attempting to communicate in this program is that all Magistrates, even in these modern times, “are bound by the immutable laws of God” and responsible to govern accordingly.

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