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9-12-20 Christian Resistance is Constitutional and Biblical

Christian Resistance is Constitutional  Christian Resistance

It is not a question of ‘If’ Christian Resistance is Constitutional and Biblical, it is can you believe truth or continue in the deception of disinformation from the uneducated. Those on social media received a preparatory homework assignment from me which gave faithful documentation to address this point of Christian Resistance is Constitutional.

We will discuss the sermon of Samuel Cooper “On The Commencement of the Constitution” 1780. Dr. Cooper takes us through the design of constitutionalism from a Biblical covenantal perspective. Through this it is well established that it was the Liberty set in motion by Christ and the moral integrity of Christianity that allowed the American Revolution the authority to bring a new nation forward. Continue reading

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8-15-20 John MacArthur – Too Little Too Late

John MacArthur – Too Little Too Late: The Forgotten de Mornay – The Right Man On Time

Too Little Too Late  Too Little Too Late

Is it Too Little Too Late for the stance of John MacArthur in resisting the tyrants of government in California? Over the years of his time in the pulpit he has more often told congregations across these United States to NOT become involved in politics or that which is associated with it. I heard him speak a number of years ago telling a large congregation that ‘Christians should not be involved in politics.’ He as well as other major pastors have minimized and worse neglected the extensibility of Biblical truth, which should affect every aspect of life, including the political, social, economic and cultural arenas. Sadly, there are predominant pastors which are part of a coalition that is and has been at times overtly catering to ‘cultural Marxism’ and more – see The Gospel Coalition’s Bamboozling Act.

As I have discussed for the last thirty plus years, The Church is to be victorious in every aspect of where we are placed. This is not a ‘name it and claim it’ concept. It is the eschatology of the Reformers and especially the Puritans that settled the northern colonies of America. Since the mid-1800’s the universalism of the ‘social gospel’ and what I have called ‘roof top eschatology,’ has removed the American foundational view of developing a ‘moral and virtuous people’ to lead in every aspect of governance – beginning with the family. Continue reading

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4-20-19 Christian Resistance and Disobedience Today

Introduction: Christian Resistance

Most important this week is the remembrance that mankind is sinful and that God had always planned for salvation to those He calls. This weekend is that calendared time to remember what the Godhead did for us in the death and Resurrection of Jesus.

With that, I don’t expect many or any to take the time to listen to the program. Therefore I am providing a program that I did in August of 2015. The reality is that good governance begins with good governors: individually, at home, in the work place, in bureaucracies, and in elected offices. The problem over the last 150 years is that Christians, especially evangelicals have dismissed the extensibility of the Gospel and left action required to influence all the a fore mentioned aspects of human life.

To that end, we have the right to resist despots and tyrants being the overlords of a nation as these United States.

The Original Program titled “Christian Resistance and Disobedience Today” is at this link location

Christian Resistance:

There are a lot of speakers and authors out there that talk about this. This program is a rerun for 2015 so the tyrant that was freely elected is no longer in office as President but that does not mean that there are not tyrants still in political offices, businesses or bureaucracies.

But, the modern pulpits have not raised up men and women of God that understand the full perspective of engaging the culture and political environment. Therefore, the leadership that should be governing is obviated by social justice warrior and the false narrative of tolerance; to the extent that immorality and evil is subsuming the the rightful place of peaceful living that our Constitutional Republic guarantees.

So the theology of Christian Resistance is not understood. It really means Christian Leadership but…. the pulpits have not developed much of that over the last 150 years.

Disobedience Today:

I will just leave it at this: Go read the Chaplains and Clergy Of The Revolution. Then apply the principles to the present.

Our action Item

is to understand our Christian Founders like Sam Adams who knew what true Christian Resistance is.

And because you keep asking!


The video of the program is at the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel

1. What I’m reading to my grandkids.

For my grandkids and you:

I am now just over half way through reading the chapters on YouTube.

The Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution Compiled by J. T. Headley, 1864 My reading of the Book on YouTube: The Chaplains and Clergy of The Revolution

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7-21-18 Calvin Institutes Book IV Chapter 20 then Hamilton

A short introduction and synopsis of Calvin regarding biblical government. Calvin argued that the office of the magistrate was “a most sacred office,” a noble profession worthy of any Christian’s respect. Magistrates were “the viceregents of God,” said Calvin, established by his authority and accountable to him for their actions. Even tyranny was preferable to anarchy, and only where the tyrant contradicted the commands of God was peaceful resistance warranted. [Institutes Book IV Chapter 20] According to Calvin, government had a divinely-instituted purpose: to protect the public order and defend God’s moral law. When it came to the question of how best to order the state, Calvin offered an opinion: a mix of republicanism and aristocracy. I have no capacity in this short order to get to all that can be discussed back and forth as to all that Calvin proposes and even rejects in this chapter. But for me, the bottom line is that we now have a Constitutional Republic and that is what must be supported and kept in good order for good government. Yes and Christians have a responsibility in doing so.

In the last two segments I again do not have time to fully contrast what Hamilton writes in the referenced Federalists Papers nor do I get into the details of Yates writing as Brutus which predicts our present Judicial system breakdown. The Courts have in every essence fulfilled all that Hamilton indicated would be their jurisdictional authority… and then some. With this short time we have, I am taking you through only a couple high level points of Hamilton’s approval of the structure and intent of Article III that has more than exceeded any perspective of his simplicity in argument for the supremacy of the Court.

Join me on the program to value the Founders perspective of the mirrors of history and the reality of the present.

And because you keep asking!

Continue reading

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8-19-17 From Kozak to the Pulpits of the Revolution

From Kozak to the Pulpits of the Revolution


What we continue to see this week on the streets, from the political class, intelligentsia and the sophistry media is the Kozak Plan executed (archives about this here). It is absolutely clear that they have every desire to be and do all things against Constitutionalism and the Republic.

Critical in this is the fact that they are moral degenerates as defined by the Pulpits of the Revolution. Sadly, the modern Pulpits and education system have devolved from what #FoundersOriginalIntent is for the nation and the Citizenry. It is clear that morality outside of the Judeo-Christian worldview is not the morality expected by the Founders for self-governance and then governing of We The People.

see more to get the solutions & references and watch the program:

Continue reading

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5-13-15 Keep your enemies in the wrong” – from S Adams to Alinsky through CPUSA to the Democrats

Samuel Adams Returns – The Anti-federalists Got It Right: “Keep your enemies in the wrong” – from S. Adams to Alinsky through CPUSA to the Democrats

Make sure you read the comments about Sobolev further down.

People keep talking all around with words that they, the progressive-left, redefine or the mix bag of so called conservatives mimic. All the jaw flapping from the progressive-left is finger pointing with strong accusation of wrongdoing. The reality is: that they are the “anti-Constitutional globalist” ilk. And before the false flag redirection strategy used in the 1950’s we would be calling them what they are – communists or ‘communist dupes’.

So today I discuss how the phrase that Sam Adams wrote in 1775 becomes part of the Alinsky Hegelian Dialectic and is instituted by the Communist Party USA through the infiltration of the demoncrat party of the present. I discuss the violence of these progressive groups authenticity in the writing of Sobolev.

Lastly, I ask “why has the Christian been emasculated (the original definition of the word)?” Why won’t true Constitutionalist develop leaders to be policy makers in governance instead of chasing the dollar and being maneuvered to their own demise? Continue reading

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2-25-17 CPAC and the Relevance of My Book

Last week was fantastic watching CPAC!
The content was more on target with what I like to hear – that being our grounding is on Constitutionalism. Regarding Constitutionalism, in the 2nd and 3rd segments I intend to discuss why my book “Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalists” is even more relevant as we move from CPAC into Action.
I am going to do some frothing in the 1st segment today. Once again the progressive/socialist/Marxist pastors are promoting lawlessness. I continue to hope that the Evangelical pastors will become stronger to stand up for truth as those during the Revolution period did. Continue reading

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8-1-15 Christian Resistance and Disobedience Today

Is there historical precedent for Christian political resistance?  The answer is absolutely – ‘Yes!’

Ever since the Reformation this has proven true.  The City of Magdeburg stood in resistance to the Holy Roman Empire and saved the Reformation from annihilation.  The Founding Fathers of America contended against the King of England when he was attempting to implement bishops and a hierarchy over the freely established churches in the Colonies.  Sam Adams wrote many articles from 1764 through 1772 regarding the tyranny of government in impeding true Christian religion and that is to be resisted.

Today’s program brings us to the modern discussion from our historical past.



All Three radio Segments to podcast feeds.

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7-25-15: Sam Adams the Puritan Activist

This program is the continuation of the reality that you can be, no, you must be a Christian to be the correct type of activist against tyranny.  Sam Adams again proves this reality in every aspect of his life.  What summarizes how this was true for Sam is this comment by Rev. Thomas Thacher:

” If he preferred the mode of Divine worship in which he was born and ed ucated to other religious institutions of antiquity, or to other forms in which Christianity has appeared, it was not from the prejudices of education, or mere mechanical habit ; but because he conceived our churches, when confined to their original design, were excellent schools of morality ; that they were adapted to promote the future happiness of mankind ; and because by experience he had known them a powerful auxiliary in defending the civil as well as the religious privileges of America.’In this mode of thinking he was instituted. The purity of his life witnessed the sincerity of his profession, and with the same faith he expired.”

The following was written of Adams in The Congregational Quarterly Vol XI:

As the State and the country emerged from the war, there was a strong tendency to depart from that piety, simplicity, and. frugality which had hitherto been dominant, and which such pure-minded patriots as Adams regarded as the basis of the whole structure of liberty. “At a time,”says Edward Everett, ” when the new order of things was inducing laxity of manners, and a departure from the ancient strictness, Samuel Adams clung with greater tenacity to the wholesome discipline of the fathers.” Even before the close of the war he raised his voice and used his pen against the insidious encroachments of extravagance and a lower tone of morals. Immediately after the inauguration of the State government, when Han cock was elected governor, Boston was gay with balls and glittering entertainments. Hancock had wealth, and loved display, and recklessly led the people in a dangerous path, and an era of moral and spiritual social degeneracy was initiated. Adams’s views on these points give a clear insight into the ruling principles of his life, and they are not inappropriate to our own times. He says:—

” Does it become us to lead the people to such public diversions as promote superfluity of dress and ornament, when it is as much as they can bear to support the expense of clothing a naked army ? Will vanity and levity ever be the stability of government either in states or in cities, or what let me hint to you is of the last importance, in families ? . . . . How fruitless is it to recommend the adapting the laws in the most perfect manner possible to the suppression of idleness, dissipation, and extravagancy, if such recommendations are counteracted by the example of men of religious influence and public station?”

And now the program:

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

The Source to “The Congregational Quarterly vol XI

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7-18-2015: The Truth on Christian Resistance

As it is noted well in the references that I’m attaching Links to, the conflicting proposition on Christian Resistance or Disobedience has been a long term discussion.  My personal studies have concluded that if the early Church did not resist/disobey the Roman empire: we would not have Christianity today.  If the Magistrates and Ministers in the city of Magdeburg did not disobey and resist against the Catholic Habsburg emperor, Ferdinand II, we would not have the results of a Reformation.

Needless to comment is that Samuel Adams studied his Bible every day.  He was known as the “Last Puritan” not because of the way he dressed but because of his Biblical Reformation knowledge and non-bending principles.  He understood Biblical Covenant and that God is absolute Sovereign over all things and that Jesus received the fullness again with the Father and Spirit in that Sovereignty upon his Ascension.

This is Sam Adams understanding of God’s Sovereignty is the only place that any proper resistance can begin especially the Theology of Christian Resistance/Disobedience.  This week I bring you that introduction, well, I bring back the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate back to you in a different format.  I’m going to also give you the links to Doug Wilson’s Sermon Series/Blog Post on Christian Disobedience and the link to a composite work on “The Theology of Christian Resistance.”

As always, 45 minutes of radio cannot make up for hours of content.  My hope is that this will get the brain cells and spirit moving.  As I always say, there is not true Idea of Liberty with out Liberty given by Jesus.  With that, there is no rational way to resist tyranny and despotism unless you understand what Sam Adams understood in the Biblical context of Resistance and Disobedience to tyrants.


Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

Doug Wilson Sermon Series on Christian Resistance:

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #1

On Christian Disobedience #2 Blog Post

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #3

On Christian Disobedience #4 (Daniel 6:6-11)

To the Supreme Court:

On Christian Disobedience #5 | A Sermon for Five

The Theology of Christian Resistance: A compilation of writers


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