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9-5-20 Christians Must Vote For Federalism

Vote For Federalism  Vote For Federalism

Christians Must Vote For Federalism… But Wait! What is it? How does it work? Who is functionally implementing Federalism? I will be exploring Federalism for Christian Citizens and mostly pastors that have little to no understanding of this core fundamental of governance.

I will be opening pandora’s box with touching on Federal Theology as well. The focus of the two correlated in the root word – Federal.

For those that will skip listening to the program – The simple reality is that President Trump is re-establishing Federalism as much as possible in the mires of the deep cesspool called the swamp.

I suggest that you head down to the References for further reading and understanding of Federalism that I will highlight in this program. Continue reading

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8-5-17 Consolidated Government Not the Republic You Thought It Was

Consolidated Government Not the Republic You Thought It Was

Continuing to enhance the program on video and then putting the archive segments up on the SamuelAdamsReturns YouTube channel. Videos posted on Sunday.

In preparing for today’s program I was digging in on the Senate from the Anti-federalists perspective when I was surprised by what I’ve previously read. You know how something jumps out as if it is fresh and new. In the Founders Constitutions I was going through the topic of ‘Popular Basis for Government’ and a series of the Anti-federalists hit our present situation of despotic oligarchy right on the head. Simply, The Constitution as it is today and from the beginning is not the idea of a Republic that we think it is. Continue reading

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11-12-16 Liberty or Despotism

The Radio Show promotion description:

Today I speak about Liberty while others call it Despotism. I react today to those who continue to have disparaging comments regarding a Populous Fascist movement and what Constitutionalism looks like in the wake of 50 years of socialist/communist/humanist/globalist infiltration in our schools and government.

As a reminder from past programs, I ask you to read through the list of the 45-goals of the Communist for America read into the Congressional Record in 1963. Why? Simply that the actions of those protesting in the streets are a direct results of the inaction of the Biblically sound churches not being involved in education, business and governance (politics). By the way – if one looks at the definition of Fascist in all its colors, that is what we are living under for the last sixteen years, at a minimum.

The core of our discussion is: Can America come to grips with Founders Intent for a Constitutional Republic in a society where at least one-third of the population are Fabian, socialist, fascist, humanist living out as activist, minions or dupes?

The Founders wanted us to gain knowledge and get involved! Being a Citizen is an Active involvement in our political life! Let’s get our feet on the street for this time is critical!

Full Promo with References

All Three radio Segments into one podcast feeds.

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