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Episode 352 – A Puritan: Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation

Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation

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Lost Religion Is A Lost NationSamuel Adams wrote a series of articles titled A Puritan the theme that Lost Religion Is A Lost Nation. One of his concerns was that the Crown and Parliament were forcing a papal system of the Church of England into the Colonies. Worse, there were others who were philosophically attacking the foundations of religion in general such that our present day equivalent is the religion of merged ‘national humanism’ with ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.’ All with the leaders in academia as the high priests of intoxicating the citizenry with idolatry of every kind imaginable.

Sam warned then as I have been warning for two decades that ‘artful’ men and women ‘are restless to bring us into Bondage, and can be successful only when the people are in a sound sleep.’ Our national pulpits have been in a sound sleep for decades. At least for Sam and the Founders, 1768 was still in the midst of the First Great Awakening. Not until twenty years later did the nation again fall towards apostasy1.

I am addressing three specific writing of Sam this week. The first signed ‘A Puritan’ and two that were engaging George Whitefield in respect of the Stamp Act.

Modern Consideration of ‘A Puritan’

Just to restate from last week with a Sam Adams twist, When we understand that there is no morality taught in schools or even from the pulpits how do we expect the citizens to understand and value ‘your precious civil Liberty, and everything you can call dear to you, to be upon your guard against the religion of mergednational humanism’ with ‘moralistic therapeutic deism.’ Continue reading

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4-4-20 Political Theology – The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

Revolving History

In evangelical circles over the last 40ish years I have heard preachers say, “God is the Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!” Over these many years, I have always wondered if these were parrots chirping the words or if in fact they believed them. I’m results oriented. I believe that ‘words’ have meanings. As I discussed, when reacquainting with a O’l Navy shipmate now top theologian, I believe we live our eternity Now. And I absolutely believe that God is unequivocally the Same Today as well as Yesterday and Tomorrow.

What’s all that have to do with the present panic and political theology? Continue reading

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