8-24-19 The Law – Man Vs God

The Law  

The Law is not just a ton of books in a lawyers office or the libraries. It is something that I have been studying all of my life. I will never receive a law degree for these studies but I do know truth to be lived. The Law is represented in every aspect of human and universal existence. By the way, Sam Adams was a deep student of The Law all of his life too.

What I am discussing in this program is the reality of universal law. What we are seeing in the United States in general is a greater surge in lawlessness. In fact the surge ebbs and tides from the landing of the Puritans to the present. What is the tidal factor? Concerning The Law, it is not the moon.

Man Vs. God

In our so called modern times we are seeing the The Law become the tool of evil not good. Oh sure there is a lot that qualifies for the present assumed good of society but who is determining the definition of ‘good’? This past week a radio personality discussed the rhetoric of the Deamoncrat/Socialist/Marxist that are all over the media. He noted that what is being done in plain sight is that ‘evil is being made good’ and ‘good evil’. Now where have we read that before.

I am promoting a fantastic website of exceptional work this week. I looked over their information as I was completing my last book ‘From Covenant To The Present Constitution’. I suggest that if you want a ‘Real Understanding’ of the history of The Law in America and more so ‘What is Law?” then LONANG Institute is where you need to visit.

The Tidal Factor:

In my life studies of The Law it was most obvious that the pulpits in America determine the ebb and tides. The relationship of law in the universe is connected to who is the universal authority. In this present day, Man considers himself the authority and therefore establishes law based on the worldviews of those in power. Then there is the reality of my life studies: The Universal Authority is in fact the God of the Bible! Sadly there are many in the modern pulpits that do not fully and completely ascend to that truth.

Therefore, as the ebbs and tides of Colonial America and in fact, the Old Testament in general, we see that when the religious and political leaders do not 100% acknowledge the God of the Bible as the Universal Authority – well….. You have what you read and watch in modern media

And because you keep asking!

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1. Samuel Langdon, Government Corrupted by Vice (1775)

2. From Covenant To The Present Constitution

3. Covenant and Constitutions


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