Episode 365: January 6th From August 1768 – Then Higher Ed Endowments

January 6th From August 1768. Then Higher Ed Endowments

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January 6th from August 1768 is a look into the mirrors of history. You will have to get the details by listening to orJanuary 6th from Sugust 1768 watching the program since I make the comparison from the article written by Sam Adams which is signed ‘Determinatus.’ The full article is in the Sam Adams Wisdom section of this posting.

The rhetoric of the media and political class have not changed since 1765 through the time of Sam’s Article in 1768. Those who despise actual Liberty are agents of the evil one, hence their tactics are as old as time. To bad the solutions of old are not being applied properly now. In fact, in these 20th and 21st centuries, those who claim to love Liberty have compromised the principles of fighting for Liberty to the satisfaction of the Tories in 1768. Our present generation are cowards, ignorant of true Virtue and morality, which gives the capacity to fight evil in the context of a Constitutional Republic. Yes, the claimed democracy pushed by the present media and political class is no different than the mercantilism and bombastic messaging of the Tories in the 18th Century.

Bottom line is that reflecting on January 6th from August 1768 is a look at the lack of morality and virtue having been instilled at the pulpits ‘plus,’ as Sam puts it,

‘…People of this Province are enlightened – They Know how to distinguish, and I pray God they ever may, between the due execution of the laws of the land, and the exercise of new invented, strange, unconstitutional Powers, repugnant to the British Constitution and the Charter of the Province – S deep rooted is their abhorrence of such powers as these, that I question whether civil, military or ecclesiastick authority united, will ever be sufficient to induce them to yield the least assistance in of them…’

I look at the remainder of what Sam writes as the common sense and proper course of action when those ruling in government overstep their granted authorities or do not act according to what is proper governnance.

Higher Ed Endowments

Higher Education Endowments is a $700 Billion business. Tax payers are being stolen from while wokeness brainwashes the next generations. Again, you will have to listen to the second segment regarding this behemoth of abusing citizens for the glory of institutions. I will say that the University System is flushing woke capital management of its endowments. See: Texas Cuts Ties With BlackRock, Other Woke Firms Over Their Hatred For Fossil Fuels

Sadly, the Ohio Higher Education bureaucrats as well as other states or institutions are allowing these ‘Woke Firms’ to dictate what education programs should look like and how students are to be turned into minions. The references are overwhelming with how institutes of higher education have built enterprises that rival mega-churches with investment worshipers.

Sam Adams Wisdom

My adds and edits in underlined italics.


[Boston Gazette, August 8, 1768.]

.Messieurs EDES & GILL,

It is said that our brethren at Halifax, are under such dismal apprehensions of our being upon the point of ruin by mobs and tumults, that a certain gentleman there has seen fit, to order his interest out of the hands of a merchant of worth and credit, and committed it to the care of the boatswain of his Majesty’s ship Romney, still riding in this harbour. How far these apprehensions will be strengthened by his Excellency’s Proclamation in the last Thursday paper, every reader is as capable of judging as I am. It is certainly a grievous hardship that we should be so grossly misrepresented; and if these falsehoods make such impressions on the minds of persons so near to us as Halifax, it cannot be wondered at, if the mother-country at the distance of a thousand leagues, should think that we are in a state of confusion, equal to what we hear from the orderly and very polite cities of London and Westminster. There, we are told, is the Weavers mob, the Seamen’s mob, the Taylor’s mob, the Coal miners mob, and some say, the Clergy’s mob; and in short it is to be feared the whole kingdom, always excepting the _____ and the Parliament, will unite in one general scene of tumult: I sincerely pray for the peace and prosperity of the nation and her colonies, whose interest if she would open her eyes she would clearly discern to be undivided.

If it be a truth, as I take it to be, that the people are seldom if ever discontented, without just cause, we may conclude, that the wheels of good government there are somewhat clogged, which it is to be hoped the wisdom of the nation will discover and remedy.

That the people of this province are universally uneasy, all must allow; but that they are disposed to be mobbish, I utterly deny, and take it upon me to say, that to assert it is a vile abuse of them. What in stance can be produced to show that the peace and good order of the province hath been of late greatly interrupted by the riots and tumults, which have taken place in divers towns within the same? I have never heard of any, and I question whether there can be one mentioned to justify the assertion. If we are pointed to a stirring that was made in this town about two months ago, let us consider the circumstances which previously took place. Can any one be surprized, that when property was violently seized, under a pretence of law, at an unseasonable time, at or after sunset, by the aid of military power, a power ever * dreaded by all the lovers of the peace and good order of the province, and without any reason assigned or apparent: Is it at all surprizing that such ill- timed, violent and unheard of proceedings, should excite the resentment even of the better sort of people |n the town. What was the mighty consequence? a few persons appeared to resent it, and after break ing a few panes of glass, by the influence of the in habitants, they dispersed without doing any further damage: The gent, commissioners three days after took it into their heads to go down to the castle, where they have since resided, and the town has been; in perfect peace, and I believe will so remain, at least till they return. I am not now justifying even this little inconsiderable rising of the people; nor is it my business that I know of to condemn it. I appeal to the world, upon this short but full relation of the facts, whether there was not an acknowledgment due to the inhabitants of the town, for their disposition to maintain good order, which by the way they have upon all proper occasions discovered, rather than a necessity of calling upon them, as tho they had been deficient, to exert themselves in promoting it. The vessel seized was the property of a private gentleman, a merchant, but the manner in which she was seized was judg’d a public affront, an unwarrantable action; yet the people suppressed their just resentment: And tho they have had the mortification of seeing ever since, the seized plunder secured under the mouths of hundreds of cannon, when it ought to have been in the care of the civil officers, and would have been full as safe there, they have hitherto waited with patience, in expectation that justice, JUSTICE will be done, even in the court of admiralty. The representation made by William Tyng, Esq; Sheriff of Cumberland, may be true, and it doubtless answered a very good purpose, to publish to the world that the two men rescued from the Goal there had been convicted of a riot: but I would very submissively ask, whether a riot in the county of Cumberland, the most distant county in the eastern part of the province, and near two hundred miles from the Centre or the Capital, is a sufficient reason for asserting that the peace and good order of the province has been greatly interrupted by Riots and Tumults, when in all probability ninety-nine in an hundred never heard of and of those who had ninety-nine in an hundred detested it. If the civil government has lost its ‘Vigor and Firmness,’ I dare say it is by no means to be imputed to the want of readiness in the people to support the civil officers in the due execution of the Law there must be some other cause, which I have never yet seen inserted in any proclamation

The People of this Province are enlightened – They know how to distinguish, and I pray God they ever may, between the due execution of the laws of the land, and the exercise of new invented, strange, unconstitutional Powers, repugnant to the British Constitution and the Charter of the Province – So deep rooted is their abhorrence of such powers as these, that I question whether civil, military or ecclesiastick authority united, will ever be sufficient to induce them to yield the least assistance in of them

I am no friend to ‘Riots, Tumults and unlawful Assemblies’ I take upon me to say, any more than his Excellency is: But when the People are oppressed, when their Rights are infringed, when their property is invaded, when task masters are set over them, when unconstitutional acts are executed by a naval force before their eyes, and they are daily threatened with military troops, when their legislative is dissolv’d! and what government is left, is as secret as a Divan, when placemen and their underlings swarm about them, and Pensioners begin to make an insolent appearance – in such circumstances the people will be discontented, and they are not to be blamed their minds will be irritated as long as they have any sense of honor, liberty and virtue In such Circumstances, while they have the spirit of freedom, they will boldly assert their freedom; and they are to be justify’d in so doing I know very well that to murmur, or even to whisper a complaint, some men call a riotous spirit. But they are in the right of it to complain, and complain ALOUD. And they will complain, till they are either redress’d, or become poor deluded miserable ductile Dupes, fitted to be made the slaves of dirty tools of arbitrary power.



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