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Episode 338: Beza, Acton and CPAC

Beza, Acton and CPAC  Beza, Acton and CPAC

Video available at Rubmle or Brighteon

This week is a journey through time from Beza, Acton and CPAC. I was down hard last week with a sinus infection but CPAC was a great distraction between sneezes, snot and sleep. Since most of you have no idea who Beza is you may think the infection caused some sort of delirium. While Acton is not a household name either except for his quote about ‘doing nothing.’

Theodore Beza

Just a note on who Beza was and then I want you to take in the two references that I am using for this program. For a more complete simple biography I suggest you follow the link on Monergism concerning Beza. Here is an excerpt:

‘Beza, He succeeded to the high position which Calvin had long held, not only in Geneva, but in the Protestant world; and was, for a period of above forty years after Calvin’s death, the most prominent and influential theologian in the Reformed, as distinguished from the Lutheran, church…

He exerted great influence for a very long period in most of the Reformed churches, and in none more than in that of Scotland. He advised and encouraged our own great Reformer, John Knox, in the whole course of his arduous struggle with the Church of Home,..’

This long dissertation on Beza ultimately discusses the great influence he had in regard to all that was occurring culturally, politically and ecclesiastically during the Reformation. All in all, he and others set the tone for the Christian Resistance to tyrants.

My focus for this weeks program is the first question in Beza’s 1574 work ‘On The Rights Of The Magistrate.’ Simply put for this introduction, If the elected representatives and especially the bureaucrats aren’t God, well, they thinking and believing themselves to be doesn’t make them correct and therefore, they most likely are creating policy, law and rules that are contrary to the God of the Bible. If that is so they are tyrants and despots. Do you obey them ? or … NOT. Continue reading

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4-24-21 Earth Day Vs. Beza

Earth Day  Earth Day Vs Beza

Did you really realize that it was Earth Day? I awoke to the early light coming through the blinds and was thankful that God still had something for me to do on ‘earth.’

But wait, the whole political world went into great convulsions of ecstasy that Earth Day is here to celebrate. The idols of air, trees, dirt and water merge on the shores of mindful millions that the planet must be saved. At what expense?

Where are the Christian churches in this great celebration? Isn’t all that sustains animate and inanimate life worthy of giving everything to in the necessity of its preservation? Continue reading

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12-6-14 Program: Why the Anti-federalist Are the Constitutional Interpreters?

This week I elaborate on how many of the Colonist actually knew the law and understood the English Constitution in great detail.  The Colonist were for the most part highly literate and understood law not just from a legalize perspective but from a Reformation Covenant perspective.

We will also discuss what the Founders intended for education was based on what they learned and what has been left out of the modern political science conversation completely: The Anti-federalists are in fact the final determiners of Constitutional interpretation, Not the Federalist Paper!  Find out why by listening to this Program.

All audios below are in radio programs segment order:

Segment 1: Anti-federalists the final authority and intro do Founders education

Segment 2:  How the Founders were educated and what they learned

Segment 3:  Intro to Altusius and Federalism

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