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11-28-20 Unseen Warfare

Unseen Warfare Unseen Warfare

For all of created time mankind has been a part of Unseen Warfare. It is time to return to ‘A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants’ since we are experiencing the warfare before our eyes in the ‘Battle for the White House,’ Our Free Christianity, Our Western Culture and the Republic as a whole.

Now, this is the short newsletter version and if you are interested, you can find the full version on the web site Monday. I must tell you clearly, that the program is a rerun since we ran out of time in this sort Thanksgiving week. It was not possible to get things to the producer in any timely manner. The Producers pick for this Saturday, 11/28, is “Samuel Langdon – Government Corrupted By Vice.” Face it, the demon-crats and establishment repudicans are corrupt!

With that, there has been so much occurring in this post-election debacle that what I write here as a reflection of truth has not been adhered to for a very long time. And what will be discussed in next weeks program will be – is critical to the future of Liberty. That is: If you want Liberty!

A quick note regarding the various filings by Syndney Powell and the Trump legal teams: I saw this day twenty years ago. As I have mentioned repeatedly in that what culminates in the Kozak Plan has been the slow and steady work of the enemies of these United States for more than a century. In the longer text of this newsletter, I expound on the parallels of 1765 through 1776 as an overlay to what is happening in our present. The filing of law suits in all the states with fraudulent voting is akin to the initial legal supplication to the King and Parliament in that most turbulent founding era.

It Can’t be Unseen

And now, getting to the meat of the Unseen Warfare. For those of you new to this news letter and radio program as well as a general review for everyone, I initially presented the work by Philippe de Mornay in the program on 8-22-20 Demoncrat Convulsion – A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants. Please go to that program for a first look as to how Citizens, especially Christians, defend Liberty against tyrants.

In the midst of the quagmire of this election, which I’ve warned about for many years, the issue at hand is well known in the concept of the Unseen Warfare. Like it or not, it is a spiritual warfare that is often loosely considered when the chips are down and everyone runs to pray. Running to pray is a good thing but as we will see in the next program, the fraud could have been adverted in the first place.

Remember the prophet Daniel. While he was praying, as he always did and most of us don’t – ‘the always paying’ is critical for us in our present time. Anyway, in Daniel chapter 10 the situation was one of ‘mourning’ regarding the politics of the time. What is seen here is that self-inflicted tyranny is upon the nation of Israel because they left their mindfulness toward the eternal and universal Sovereign. The point I’m driving to is that Daniel, being in captivity and being a lesser magistrate in the court of the king of Persia was engaged in prayer. But he didn’t see an answer because of the Unseen Warfare.

Here’s this particular instance of how the pray was answered from the reality that a battle was fought to get the messenger to Daniel. Here it is the dialogue of that Warfare right from the warriors mouth:

12 Then said he unto me, Fear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard, and I am come for thy words. 13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.’ Daniel X: 12 -13

In keeping with the my series for this year on Political Theology, I want to emphasize that there is a reality that the Unseen and the Seen worlds have a direct correlation. Hey, I’m staying away from the whole Quantum Physics of multidimensional stuff to which I still do understand the math (big smile here). The bottom line is that we are spiritual beings and that the Unseen world is real just as the Bible describes in detail. The Unseen Warfare is delineated in Ephesians 6:12 –

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Follow on with a knock on the noggin here remembering that as Jacob saw the heavenly host descending and ascending a ladder, Daniel learned that there was a sword fight in the Unseen to get his answered to prayer to him.

No longer any Reason

Emotionalism and persuasion predominate the behavioral herding of humans. I make this statement in relationship to not only the election but also the chicomflu. I want to stimulate your thinking in that first, herd activity is not welcome for immunity to a flu but herd manipulation is forced by the prod of media emotionalism for an election.

Worse now, Wharton business school and Pen State are developing emotional and persuasion technology to get you to take the vaccine – Read the article in the ‘Marketing’ section of the Wharton Newsletter: What Will Persuade People to Take a Vaccine?

With decades of emotionalism via behavioral science in education, instead of reason, we have to consider the herd of sheep falling over the cliff. Don’t get technical on me… sheep aren’t in herd they flock… interestingly about flock behaviour is as Wikipedia notates:

‘Flock behaviour in sheep is generally only exhibited in groups of four or more sheep; fewer sheep may not react as expected when alone or with few other sheep.’

Now the challenge to you is about reason and as I do, reaching back into the annal of history I would like to address the bureaucratic lunacy of modern science and reason with a simple analysis of Johnathan Edwards writing on a ‘Rational Account of the Main Doctrines of the Christian Religion Attempted.’ Stephen R. Yarbrough writes an article: (1986) “Jonathan Edwards on Rhetorical Authority.” Journal of the History of Ideas 47(3): 395-408 with interesting insights of Edwards:

‘The “Account” apparently tries to prove the unity of history, nature, and theology by way of a new kind of rhetoric. The treatise was also to be somewhat polemical: according to Perry Miller, Edwards was “highly resolved not to let science itself, as a mere description of phenomena, take the place of a philosophy or theology of nature.”

We are, Edwards believed, persuaded to a right and proper understanding of the world by an encompassing rhetorical process of which science, though important, is only a single aspect. The problem with science, as with any discipline whose immediate aim is not obviously the illumination of the moral dimension of our lives, is that its ends tend to supplant the properly ultimate ends of God. In Edwards’s view the origins and grounds of discourse determine its ends; thus the aim of rhetoric (had Edwards used this term) should be to reveal the possibility and explicate the means of God’s communication with man. For the problem is not that communication among men is impossible without its being originated in God, but that it is possible. Coherent and rational visions of the world can be accomplished in a Godless society, yet they may damn the beings who live by them.’

We have a problem with science, not only the bureaucratic manipulation of medical science but the ideological manipulation of behavioral and political science. I know, more than what you want to read in this sound-bite Twitter world. Leaving you to think about Reason over emotionalism take this last thought in and then we will go on to ‘What to do next?” In this quote, the Unseen Warfare is echoed in the time of our nations founding in this summation found at the Belcher Society:

The Insufficiency of Reason as a Substitute for Revelation (the title says it all), is from: The Works of President Edwards (London 1817 edition, vol. 8), “Miscellaneous Observations on Important Theological Subjects, Original and Collected” (slightly edited).

These observations reflected a topic of common interest that Jonathan Edwards and his friend, Governor Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757) had at that time: refuting the tenets of religious secularism, which held to a shallow, impersonal view of the “Great Architect of the Universe” (a view otherwise known as deism or natural religion). (See the discussion in the article Jesus Is the Light of the World.) Inaccurate/incomplete views of the Deity believed in a God, but instead of viewing Him as a person, viewed Him more as an impersonal “force” of nature. (Such a presupposition gradually underpinned the philosophical foundation of evolution.)

Two basic tenets of what later became known as evolution were present in the religious secularist system of religion in the eighteenth century: religious secularists thought the world had always existed, and was self-generating (that is, generated by the “force” within nature itself, which was vaguely identified with a concept of the “Great Architect of the Universe”–an impersonal conception of God): As Jonathan Edwards described the religious secularist views (see: Jonathan Edwards’ Great Awakening View of Religious Secularism, as Contrasted with Christianity): “whether the world was from eternity or not; and whether the form and order of the world did not result from the mere nature of matter”; “yet many and great philosophers held the world to be eternal; and others ascribed, what we call the works of creation, to an eternal series of causes.” Claiming that God’s creations are the result of “an eternal series of causes” is the basic premise of the philosophy now called evolution. Thus, evolution was not newly-minted in the nineteenth century; it was merely a more sophisticated rehash of old religious secularist arguments.

This election and the chicomflu fiascos are even greater ‘sophisticated rehash of old religious secularist’ ideologies and …. Well, just plainly …. Unseen Warfare.

The Second Vindiciae Question

I’ll not have time to make all the connections regarding the second question that de Mornay covers in a forty-five minute program. The key point I am addressing here is that the political desires of leads who are not looking to to the Sovereign of the Universe do not necessarily hold authority over the Citizenry that does look to the King of kings. In our Republics, as each State and then the federated Republic of these United States, the sovereign citizens have the first place of authority.

The educational system has denied the Citizenry the full understanding of how we are to function. The Unseen as well as the enemy in the flesh have been and are repudiating the core truths and fundamentals that we are to be a moral and virtuous citizenry. As the Founders clearly identified, Christianity is the only real source for one to acquire those characteristic.

Keeping it short, de Mornay asks the following and then expounds on it:

Whether it is lawful to resist a ruler who violates the law of God, or ruins His Church; by whom, how, and to what extent it is lawful.

We have seen and under a Biden administration, will fully experience violations of God’s law and the ruins of His Church.

Liberty Lost – Can it be resorted

This will take up complete program. The question really is: Can the Body of Christ be restored as it was in the First Great Awakening. In essence, where we are in our present is where America was in the 1700’s when the godless rulers of England were even pressing the destruction of Free Christianity in the Colonies. Now, we have the immoral in all political parties collaborating for a ‘global reset’ into oligarchy, socialism and destruction of God’s Church.

Sam Adams Wisdom

The Committee Of Correspondence Of Boston To Ezra Whitmarsh.

[MS., Committee of Correspondence Papers, Lenox Library.]

[April 13, 1773.]


The Selectmen of this Town have handed to us an attested Copy of a letter directed to them by order of the ancient Town of Weymouth. As it is the particular Department of the Committee of Correspondence appointed by the Town, to return an Answer to this Letter we chearfully embrace the Opportunity; and acknowledge the Candor of our Brethren of Weymouth in giving any Attention to the proceedings of this Town. The Town of Boston are deeply sensible that our publick Affairs as you justly observe are in a critical Scituation: yet our Intention was, not to obtrude THEIR Opinions upon their Fellow-Countrymen, as has been injuriously said, but to be informd, if possible of their real Sentiments, at a time when it was publickly & repeatedly given out that this Country in general was perfectly reconciled to the measures of the British Administration. It affords us pleasure to find it to be the Sense of the Town of Weymouth that “Encroachments are made upon our Rights & Liberties,” & that they are “disposed at all times to unite in every lawful & proper measure for obtaining a redress of our Grievances.” Many of the Towns in this province have expressd a just Abhorrence of the Attempts that have been & still are made to deprive us of our inestimable rights. Their good Sense & generous Zeal for the common Liberty is highly animating & we would wish to emulate it. We are sensible that “much Wisdom is necessary to conduct us right,” and we joyn in earnestly supplicating “that Wisdom which is from above.” The Friendship to this Town expressd in your Letter lays us under great Obligations. No greater Blessing can be desired by this Community than “Peace Prosperity & Happiness,” and the Enjoyment of this Blessing depends upon CIVIL & RELIGIOUS LIBERTY.

How You Can Support The Cause.

I am constantly being asked to bring the Samuel Adams Return program to Christian radio. I do not have the resources for this since we are self-funded. So, I’m asking that if you believe there is value that should go onto regular Christian Radio in various markets then contact me. We will need some support mechanism to do that. Additionally, Please let everyone you know in Ohio that can support what we do to keep Samuel Adams active. Have them checkout and buy some of our Boutique Pepper Jams at Pepper-Licious.

And because you keep asking!


1. Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos: A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants

2. GOD’S Sovereign Government Among the NATIONS. May 28, 1712, By Samuel Cheever, Pastor of the Church in Marblehead

3. A must read for considering the future of Liberty: Justice Joseph Story on Church and State and the Federal Bill of Rights (1833)

4. Horowitz: Three ways the COVID hospital data is being inflated

5. JONATHAN EDWARDS ON RHETORICAL AUTHORITY, By: Stephen R. Yarbrough, Yarbrough, S. R. (1986) “Jonathan Edwards on Rhetorical Authority.” Journal of the History of Ideas 47(3): 395-408.

6. Radicalize The Vote by John Daniel Davidson, NOVEMBER 25, 2020

7. John Davidson: 1620 Project Gives Americans The U.S. History They Are Hungry For

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4-22-17 St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre to Trump: Policy Matters

Over the last two weeks I have been working on the various textual materials for SACPS.org from source writing about or directly by Sam Adams. I have been focusing on the topic of policy development. In doing this I had to do my standard ‘go down the rabbit hole’ in following the extensibility of Sam Adams knowledge base. During that journey is were I came to a comparison of Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos (translated: A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants) and its similarity to “An supremo Magistratui resistere liceat, si aliter servari Respublica nequit?” – Sam Adams Masters Thesis translated “Whether it be lawful to resist the Supreme Magistrate, if the Commonwealth cannot be otherwise preserved?”

This then takes us into who and what many are in the US, and yes, even patriots fit the descriptions of my friend from the past Alex De Tocqueville. Yupper, He’s the first one to talk about the ‘sheeple!” We learn, that the socialist / communist of 1850 are the same as today and De Tocqueville cannot describe their tyranny and despotism in democracies or republics in the historic manner. No, he goes one further and describes our present government – “Elected Guardians.”

Continue reading

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8-1-15 Christian Resistance and Disobedience Today

Is there historical precedent for Christian political resistance?  The answer is absolutely – ‘Yes!’

Ever since the Reformation this has proven true.  The City of Magdeburg stood in resistance to the Holy Roman Empire and saved the Reformation from annihilation.  The Founding Fathers of America contended against the King of England when he was attempting to implement bishops and a hierarchy over the freely established churches in the Colonies.  Sam Adams wrote many articles from 1764 through 1772 regarding the tyranny of government in impeding true Christian religion and that is to be resisted.

Today’s program brings us to the modern discussion from our historical past.



All Three radio Segments to podcast feeds.

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7-18-2015: The Truth on Christian Resistance

As it is noted well in the references that I’m attaching Links to, the conflicting proposition on Christian Resistance or Disobedience has been a long term discussion.  My personal studies have concluded that if the early Church did not resist/disobey the Roman empire: we would not have Christianity today.  If the Magistrates and Ministers in the city of Magdeburg did not disobey and resist against the Catholic Habsburg emperor, Ferdinand II, we would not have the results of a Reformation.

Needless to comment is that Samuel Adams studied his Bible every day.  He was known as the “Last Puritan” not because of the way he dressed but because of his Biblical Reformation knowledge and non-bending principles.  He understood Biblical Covenant and that God is absolute Sovereign over all things and that Jesus received the fullness again with the Father and Spirit in that Sovereignty upon his Ascension.

This is Sam Adams understanding of God’s Sovereignty is the only place that any proper resistance can begin especially the Theology of Christian Resistance/Disobedience.  This week I bring you that introduction, well, I bring back the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate back to you in a different format.  I’m going to also give you the links to Doug Wilson’s Sermon Series/Blog Post on Christian Disobedience and the link to a composite work on “The Theology of Christian Resistance.”

As always, 45 minutes of radio cannot make up for hours of content.  My hope is that this will get the brain cells and spirit moving.  As I always say, there is not true Idea of Liberty with out Liberty given by Jesus.  With that, there is no rational way to resist tyranny and despotism unless you understand what Sam Adams understood in the Biblical context of Resistance and Disobedience to tyrants.


Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

Doug Wilson Sermon Series on Christian Resistance:

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #1

On Christian Disobedience #2 Blog Post

Sermon: On Christian Disobedience #3

On Christian Disobedience #4 (Daniel 6:6-11)

To the Supreme Court:

On Christian Disobedience #5 | A Sermon for Five

The Theology of Christian Resistance: A compilation of writers


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6-20-15 Program: The Shadows Of Tyranny Prt. 2

This is a must continuation of Last Weeks program!  We take on the discussion again with the Anti-federalist perspective on how the Constitution of 1787 could lead to the usurpation, despotism and tyranny that we are living under in our present time.

We hear from Mercy Otis Warren in particular and learn that it is a lack of morality in governance that opens the flood gates for tyrants.

We are living in a tyranny that only a movement of God, as in the First Great Awakening, can change the tide towards slavery of the citizenry.

Segment 1: 

Segment 2: 

Segment 3: 

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12-6-14 Program: Why the Anti-federalist Are the Constitutional Interpreters?

This week I elaborate on how many of the Colonist actually knew the law and understood the English Constitution in great detail.  The Colonist were for the most part highly literate and understood law not just from a legalize perspective but from a Reformation Covenant perspective.

We will also discuss what the Founders intended for education was based on what they learned and what has been left out of the modern political science conversation completely: The Anti-federalists are in fact the final determiners of Constitutional interpretation, Not the Federalist Paper!  Find out why by listening to this Program.

All audios below are in radio programs segment order:

Segment 1: Anti-federalists the final authority and intro do Founders education

Segment 2:  How the Founders were educated and what they learned

Segment 3:  Intro to Altusius and Federalism

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