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Episode 323: Statist Religion vs God and Liberty

Statist Religion vs God and Liberty  Statist Religion

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Statist Religion is, as I have discussed in other programs – see Here, Here and Here, the national religion. The demise of true ‘republicanism’ is discussed in this program from the archives of Samuel Adams and the Anti-federalist Agrippa. What is clear is that the underpinnings of it all is the constant vigilance regarding Statist Religion vs God and Liberty.

American took the heavy turn around the time of the Civil War with man centered theology and philosophy toward the Statist view. This was the Hamiltonian dream, advocating for a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs.

Listen as I explore the demise of Liberty based on statism supplanting the Foundational Biblical Reformation view of God and Liberty from the words of Agrippa and Sam Adams. Continue reading

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