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Immigration, Invasion, Insurrection and Constitutionalism

By Tom Niewulis (Alter-ego Samuel Adams)

Issues!  Conspiracy!  Scandals! Deceptions!  Collusion’s!   Immigration!

Through all the blast of the media and the rhetoric of Congress to the standing on solid ground of a partially staffed Administration – not a single soul is talking about what the realities of fact and truth are in functional governance – under actual Constitutionalism.

In preparing for my radio program it became evident again that the emotionalism of all the media completely distorts any ability to get to the heart of the matter – How is our Constitutional Republic Intended to function? Frankly, those in government and even the super self-serving lawyers in Congress don’t understand nor do they want to. They have become so dependent on the donors and lobbyists that they have thrown the concepts of Constitutionalism deep in the sub-basement of the Capital and all the marble bureaucratic buildings in D.C.

How Dare I say this? Simple, I know how to read and reading the Federalist Papers alone gives clear intention (Intent) for how governance should function in the Republic. So before we get to the core issues as indicated by the title let us get one thing very clear: every pundit, talk show host/hostess, politician or bureaucrat that calls this nation a democracy should be heavily chastised, have their ears rung and be thrown out the door for manifesting their ignorance or subversive ideologies. Why? Because we are a Constitutional Republic (period)! If you cannot get that correct then you have no capacity to understand how this nation should function! Continue reading

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1-6-18 Edmund Burke, 1775 Speech on Conciliation with the Colonies

Edmund Burke describes what originally Made America Great.

We need to learn from this speech! Yes, I read it because the words are timeless and this proves our ‘Populous’, ‘Religious’ heritage that had England in a turmoil. So too it has the globalists/progressives/communists in a turmoil this very day. What the media including Hannity and others don’t do is Bring back the real facts and truth that will Make America Great Again. It is our Foundational Heritage not just the economy.

Here’s the link to the speech if you have no interest in hearing or watching the program – at least read the read it for yourself! Edmund Burke Speech on Conciliation with the Colonies

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3-7-15 Program: S. A. The Lesser Magistrate

A few programs back I introduced the “Doctrine of the Minor/Lesser Magistrate.”  In this program I bring to light how Sam Adams understood this “Doctrine” and in reality lived it as the quintessential Lesser Magistrate.

OK, just to get it straight on the definition, quintessential in this context means: representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality.

Sam Adams from his first elected position to the last term of office as the Governor of Massachusetts understood who the Great Sovereign is and how that applies to every aspect of life and governance.  Sam Adams fully applied the “Doctrine of the Minor/Lesser Magistrate” during his life.  I hope for moderns that can understand and apply this truth in the present.

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