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Episode 428: Why Are You Surprised And Angry?

See the link for the video of ‘Why Are You Surprised And Angry’ at Rumble or YouTube

It is time to ask the hard question as we go, break neck, into the new year: Why are you surprised and angry?

Surprised and AngryI know, for the last fifty years, most of you were able to see this year approaching like a fully loaded coal locomotive bellowing smoke and steam, heading right at you…. NOT.

Most Citizens didn’t see the track being laid even though they were the minions hammering the nails into the ties. These subtle Hydra’s of destruction, so well made up with rosy blush, large fake eye lashes, blue and purple eye shadow and that deep red lipstick; have the mesmerizing hallucinogens of pride, envy, deceit and blissful ignorance in each ‘serpent’ lock of hair. Yes, here in these United States we have many hydras: in the churches, in local governments, in the various states governments, all bureaucracies and fully infested at all levels of the Federal government.

To defeat these hydras, you would be expecting as many Hercules to burst into the Lernean swamps of the afore mentioned locations. It is not to be so, there is no mythical hero that could win the day over these real monsters of governance. Too many, including so called conservatives and Christian conservatives, have been living in the realm of myth, science fiction and fantasy. When the predicted facts are revealed, then reality proves to have been shining bright regardless of the swamp fog bellowing over the minds of those who take the easy way and end as the Dead Men of Dunharrow.

Conclusion First:

In our 2024 living history, it is difficult in the era of digital gaggles to find a flock to form up with. It seems that there are at least sexdecillian (1051) internet sources for you to garner your needed decision making information from. Yet here you are. Taking into account that large number of recourses, I decided that to address ‘Why Are You Surprised And Angry,’ I will take this program to reference a number of my favorites. I hope to quell your anger and give you several of my more favorable gaggles to fly with.

With all that has been predicted since the writings of the Anti-federalists, Why are you surprised and angry at our present time and situations?

This program is not just a review of 2023 through the views of most noble pundit protagonists of the day. But I will incite you with a number of other notable reviews. Yet more so, I will cause you to shudder at the predictions of the past, the 18th Century past, for the most part.

My predictive conclusion for 2024 is very simple.

Buckle up, gear up and saddle up since the enemies of the Republic are more deeply embedded and fortified than the Hamas tunnels. The nation is being invaded by criminal bad actors, that being every human that crosses the boarders, and the depth of these invaders treachery is unmanageable by incompetence, actually more like purposeful intent of harm, from those (laughably) adults in charge.

Our elections are afoul with their own Hydras, slithering from state to state, spewing the lubricants of fraud and deception. Every intention by these foul creatures is to breath their poisonous craftiness through all forms of communications, slaying those who would give proper suffrage for true liberty.

Now the most treacherous, is that the majority of the churches, including many of the conservative evangelical, are not just mired in the swamp, they are waist deep in the goo. The stench of their hydra of weak and false theologies is a sweet smell to their faculties and their deception.

Education outside of homeschooling or some charter schools will continue to intensify their indoctrination of minions.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, the bio labs are ready with solutions to pollution, more blue towels with strings and Bill’s wonder wafer. To all this add the total annihilation personal liberty through the freedom to choose the basics of our society: cloths, cars, method of cooking, means of heating and what to eat. You’ve seen all the articles.

And don’t for get the Anti-federalist predicted ‘lawfare.’ This violation of true justice will convulse as the ‘Horn-of-Plenty’ looks so juicy to the glutinous globalists.

Is there an upside in my predictions? Of course. I am a Postmillennialist.

History, the human story since creation, is littered with exactly what was occurring in 2023 and will continue in 2024 until we see the falling on knees and faces with individual and national repentance. Until then… Well ,judgement does have its place in bringing about a plan greater than that of the ‘world economic forum’ and the other agents of their own lust, envy, greed and perversions.

Therefore, I am not going to come up with anything new and revealing here. I am going to give you pronouncements of others, some from the past and some present that will be across the spectrum of surprise, anger and hopeful insights into 2024. To get you started, I recommend ‘11 Resolutions for 2024, Culture War Edition.’ Yupper it is from Blog & Mablog. Get used to the truth hitting you between the eyes… helps you get focussed.

Why Are You Surprised And Angry When It Has Been Said?

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Episode 427:Destroying (Democracy) The Republic

See the link for the video of ‘Destroying Democracy The Republic’ at Rumble or YouTube

Please read through all 13 pages of ‘Destroying Democracy The Republic’ because there are Many References and Links that give you the deeper perspective as to why I want to destroy democracy as presently messaged and manipulated.

Destroying Democracy – Really?

Destroying LibertyWe have heard the loud cries of groups, peoples, ideologues, media personalities, bureaucrats and politicians telling us who is ‘Destroying Democracy.’ For the last decade or more those shouting the loudest are pundits, politicians, pastors and professors. Worse are the Repudicans who also use the term ‘Democracy’ as if it is the key to liberty and not chaos.

Over the last three meetings in particular, The World Economic Forum has promoted discussions declaring the worse offenders poised to destroy democracy as ‘populists’ and most recently, Christian nationalists. Hmm, and all this time I understood ‘populists’ to be people, freedom loving, liberty minded individuals who participate in governance – the foundational meaning of democracy.

Let’s face it, not even the likes of Tucker Carlson take the time to fully define democracy in these United States. What we really have in the messaging is the substitutive phraseology of ‘Destroying Democracy The Republic.’ None of the afore mentioned want to clarify what form of government is guaranteed by the Constitution, nor what form of government is guaranteed to the States by the Constitution. Yet, we have all the intelligentsia, bureaucrats, politicians and clergy declaring our ‘democracy’ is in danger. Really? Continue reading

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Episode 426:Christmas Constitutional Covenant Chaos

See the link for the video of ‘Christmas Constitutional Covenant Chaos’ at Rumble or YouTube

Are you scratching your chin wondering what might be the story of Christmas Constitutional Covenant Chaos? You ask, What is my wildChaos imagination drawing up now from the deep historical relevance of Christmas and Constitutionalism?

I’m going to keep this in the context of covenant, relative constitutionalism, the legal chaos of Christmas. As with other programs of this nature, I am going to take you all over the universe from the light of creation to our present humanistic destitute daemons of democracy flashing their white asses in politically hallowed halls. How’s that for ‘deck the halls?’

Just a Reminder:

Wishing you all a Blessed Remembrance of Christ birth into humanity for our salvation.

With that Liberty that He gives:

The people themselves must be the chief support of liberty. While the great body of the freeholders are acquainted with the duties which they owe to their God, to themselves, and to men, they will remain free. But if ignorance and depravity should prevail, they will inevitably lead to slavery and ruin.”

— Oliver Ellsworth at the Connecticut Ratifying Convention, 1788.


When it comes to Christmas Constitutional Covenant and Chaos, you wont make it to the full conclusion so I will sum it up here.

The Chaos of Christmas is the tolerance of evil at every level in every institution that governs mankind, beginning with the pulpits.

Chaos in Constitutionalism is the tolerance of deception, evil, in education and the merger of government with business to the demise of foundational Liberty. As well as the excessive violation of keeping an ‘oath of office’ by the bureaucrats and mostly the elected. See what St. George Tucker writes about these who are then ‘guilty of usurpation, and contempt of the sovereign authority.’ See the full references on Oath violation here.

The Chaos of Covenant in respect to the previous two is that deep seated relationships and mutual responsibility in those is seldom found let alone understood in these United States of self-indulgence and self (period).

In the end, evil and tolerance are allowed to persist by putting them center stage and making kings of them. Yes, these have existed since the fall of Adam but, when the Christ of Christmas is relegated to the gaffer on the set then the whole play turns to the tragedies worse than those of ancient Greece of Shakespeare.

Seek the Lord, Jesus the Christ, The Reason For the Season. Tolerate evil and the evil plus tolerance together become the lord of the dance.

Christmas Chaos

Reflections from a Founding era Pastor that captures more than just a babe in a manger. Continue reading

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Episode 425 – Declared Charges From The Top – Tucker Tucked Away

See the link for the video of ‘Declared Charges From The Top – Tucker Tucked Away’ at Rumble or YouTube

Last week I began to incite you with the simple modern examples of Declared Charges from the Declaration of Independence. Yes, if you haven’t taken the time to read the full Declaration of 1776, you should. I gave you the link to the simple analysis of each charge here. If you take the time to look at the news with an honest ear, or open eye, you will see that we are reliving those days of 1765 through 1775. Declared Charges -Tucker Tucked Away

Yet, there is a question that has to be asked, ‘How should we understand Constitutionalism in light of the fight for Liberty now and in relationship to the common grievances of the past again upon US in the present?

In regards to the first part of the question that I just asked, I am reintroducing a great commentator on law and the Constitution, St. George Tucker. His work on Blackstone is foundational for studying law as well as he is a strong proponent of true republicanism and federalism. I do highlight this more in the program.

For all who are attorneys or are striving to become one, Tucker has much to say to you through what he taught those entering the legal profession during the Founding era. To which, ‘Tucker assures fledgling lawyers that, as future framers of law, they must have a knowledge of the constitutions and history of their country, as well as of law itself, if liberty is to be preserved.1 Continue reading

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Episode 424: A Sermon And Of Declared Charges

See the link for the video of ‘Sermon And Of Declared Charges’ at Rumble or YouTube

Considering all the mess created by politicians and bureaucrats it’s time toSermon and charges hear the ‘Sermon And Of Declared Charges’ from the founding era. The sermon is ‘The Election Sermon of May 26, 1773. This sermon is even more pertinent now than when it was preached to Governor Hutchinson, the Council and the House of Representatives. You will understand more as I bring you excerpts and explanations from the Founders.

Consider this quote being directed to the ministers of the Founding era:

‘…for religious liberty is so blended with civil, that if one falls it is not to be expected that the other will continue.’

Just as it is now, remember that the early 1770’s were some of the most tumultuous times that had brought forth the ‘Declared Charges,’ which eventually were brought forth in 1776. I intend to show that the majority of those charges are the same as we are experiencing in our present age.

The Sermon

Reverend Turner not only has much to say to the political leaders and bureaucrats of 1773 but also to the general citizenry as well as specifically to ministers and church leaders. In this sermon, he very directly addresses the rights of the Citizens to act according to good conscience as well as resist tyranny. He tells the ministers that they are responsible to bring the Gospel truth to governance. He clearly charges the pulpits and christians to apply every aspect of Biblical principles into every aspect of government under the sovereignty of Christ.

I would have to conclude from this sermon that Rev. Turner is a foreshadow of a Christian Nationalist. He calls on the elected to put down moral degenerates, ensure the liberty of the Gospel and govern as servants of Almighty God. Otherwise, be under judgement, even as we are in this present age.

Consider this from the middle of the sermon, beginning with: Continue reading

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Episode 423: Taking The Hill – Spirit and Basic Strategies

See the link ‘Taking The Hill – The Spirit and Basic Strategies’ for the podcast audio and video on Rumble and YouTube

Last week I left off talking about Taking the Hill. We can look at numerous historical examples of what it cost to do so, including the costs of defending the Hill akin to Breeds HillTaking the Hill

For instance, when considering the cost of taking the hill like the Ohio Constitutional Amendment, Issue 1, the major strategy was so lopsided that a needed majority went to the top to defend the enemy from the good guys liberating the hill with truth. I saw otherwise Christian conservatives on social media supporting Issue 1 thinking it was saving constitutionalism. Well, these folks have no concept of the history of the Ohio Constitution let alone the perverting of this constitution since the 1910/11 constitutional convention and associated amendments.

Pundits don’t lead in Taking The Hill

Pundits and many national speakers are great at rallying the troops on the plains and sometimes in the woods but thus far, NONE actually lead in Taking The Hill. I am mostly referring to the Hanson’s, Rogan’s, Peterson’s and the like.

This class of folks can put out a lot of good information but their abilities to engage where the boulders are rolling and bouncing to the bottom of the Hill, are not really worth any type of leadership. I would go as far to say they don’t even talk about strategies to win. Good basic info sources, not so good deep intel sources and as noted, very poor sources on the needed strategies for success.

Yes, there are really good strategists out there. The question will always be, including the Info I’m providing via a login, ‘will you listen and act?’ Therefore, if you know the hotrod strategist that can plan the assent of taking the hill, fantastic and I bless your endeavors to march with their leadership.


But this week, we are really going to look several various strategies for taking our local and state Hills. There are a number of slide presentations and other very informative papers that lay out the principles and methodologies. These are proven. Heck, I even include a couple demoncrat winning methodologies for Taking The Hill. You will have access to these documents if you are a subscriber to the newsletter.

Starting Strategy

Continue reading

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Episode 422: Recalling Climate Change for Minions

See the link ‘Climate Change and Moral Legislative Governance.’ for the podcast audio and video

Recalling climate change for minions is actually from 2019 and titled ‘Climate Change and Moral Legislative Governance.’ In conjunction with the Hamas attacks in Israel, there is a call for ‘Global Intifada’ (see article #1) ,climate change minions that ‘FREE PALESTINE is a climate justice issue’ (see article #2) and ‘ Red and Green Virtue-Signaling — An American “Intifada”?’ (see article #4 below) that we are seeing played out in the streets of these United States.

The general definition of intifada is ‘uprising and or rebellion.’ We are seeing this rebellion all over the US. This is very much the strategy the Bolshevik’s used in the communist take over of Russia.

Worse, in our present day is the number of young people, 18 to 24 in particular, that are turning to Islam because they do not see anything in the US churches to believe in. This is a greater discussion but, the goddess Gia of environmentalism does not even fulfill their souls. This makes me wonder if Islam is not set on its god Allah but also Gia?

Read this great article for full exposure of the climate justice insanity: Climate Justice, Nonsense On Steroids

The cultural revolution is not just the ESG efforts of Black Rock (see reference #8) but the combined efforts of the climate change revolution and those of all anti-christian ideologies. Consider this article in the section below: ‘Palestine is a climate justice issue, The fight for climate justice for all is directly connected to the Palestinian struggle.’

To The Point

During this Thanksgiving weekend, the enemies of the true Church and the Republic are not asleep. Looking back to 2019 and recalling climate change for minions is keeping in line with Ecclesiastes 1:9…. Nothing new under the sun.

Hence getting to the point and especially for men: put on your big boy pants, get fully educated via the References, and engage with wisdom to the fullest of your capacity. It is our responsibility to take the hill and keep it.

Next Week: Taking the Hill

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Episode 421: Low Juice For The Winter

low juiceWatch ‘Low Juice For The Winter’ on Rumble and YouTube.

Low Juice for the Winter is not referring to beverages that one would enjoy during the holiday season. This discussion is a sleeper travesty more complex than terrorist crossing the southern border. This program is a discussion with my colleague George Brennan regarding the government designed intentions to bring on the winter freeze.

We are talking about a report that shows the strong potentials of larger regional power outages this winter season.

Cloudy Days Ahead bring Low Juice For The Winter

Take your pick of wether forecasting, they are all showing a cold winter. As George and I discuss, this will have a major effect on the power grid due to heavy shifts to unsustainable renewables and the move away from coal to natural gas for power generation. Let’s be clear, natural gas is good stuff but, the infrastructure for supply and demand is not there.

Cloudy days impact solar, even high wind days don’t let the hill lice (wind mills) work efficiently. So buckle up for what can be rolling blackouts or difficulties recovering during major winter storms. Oh, those EV’s… most certainly not going far.

George Brennan of Low Juice For The Winter

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Episode 420: Ohio Leads US Into The Pit

Watch ‘Ohio Leads US Into The Pit’ on Rumble and YouTube.

OH leads to the pitThis weeks elections, sets the tone as Ohio Leads US Into The Pit. The devil is not just in the details but also in the financing of destruction to parental rights. Not only were millions of dollars spent on Ohio elections but Ohio Issue 1 and Issue 2 were not about freedom, they are about making money, reducing population and tyrannical control over those who will not turn a blind eye to evil in general.

Here is a quick reference for you of over $4 billion that o’biden gave to the lgbtq+ promotion of moral decay.

In the References, I have a number of article and reports that discuss the billions of dollars that will be made by the high-priest of medical, political and child slave masters of all the religious sect ‘ism’.

And I told you so in previous programs: Ohio Just the Beginning of Pro-Abortion Activists’ Ballot Measure Crusade as well as repeating it in this program. It will be interesting to see what rabbit the Ohio legislature pulls out of the hat as noted in: Ohio Republican lawmakers promise abortion fight isn’t over.

The sad aspect of this is that people really did not do the research on these issues for themselves and voted based on media hype, emotionalism and lack of moral integrity. I would like you to apply my modernization of a 1784 quote from Sam Adams to Richard Henry Lee regarding the present debacle here in Ohio: Continue reading

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Epicsode 419: Destoying Modern Democracy in America

Watch ‘Destroying Modern Democracy In America’ on Rumble and YouTube.

We must become fully energize in destroying modern democracy in America. That is ‘democracy’ as it is used by those who manipulate the idea of the original intent in meaning. I amEpisode 419 personally outraged and tired of anyone, including so called conservative and any Republican, using ‘democracy’ outside of its foundational context. Because the educational system is corrupted, we have lost the truth of that foundational context.

This lost truth is not new. In his letter to Thomas Jefferson dated December 25, 1813, John Adams was already turning from Orthodox Christianity to Unitarianism. But unlike the total depravity of modern Unitarians, Adams had high regard for the impact and importance of Fundamental Christianity in every aspect of American society and politics. Adams wrote: (my emphasis added) Continue reading

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