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Episode 382: The 118th Congress Win For GOP Power Brokers Or Coalition Government

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Is The 118th Congress a win for GOP power brokers or the forcing of the normal? I have rewritten this post four times as the wind has changed events over this past week. I want to be clear that I am true to118th Congress the content of Montezuma’s 1787 article on the video/audio of the actual program. Yet, there are, as always, a lot of content that goes beyond the forty-five minutes of the program.

How do I see this seemingly confused opening to the 118th Congress? I find it refreshing and most appropriate for our time in history. At issue is how the House Rules must be changed to represent some semblance of a Constitutional Republic again. In this standoff, one of the most important proposed Rule changes by the Freedom Caucus is ‘single subject appropriation bills.’ Getting this commitment from a Speaker would be a superb win for the taxpayer and a start to controlling the spending of the swamp monsters.

On next weeks program, I am going to do a deeper dive in the House Rules and what the potential changes could be.

A Coalition Government

We have a number of the elitists establishment types calling for a ‘Coalition Government.’ First off, we are not a Parliamentary form of government. Any coalition is in fact conceding to the left and the establishment, yes the repudicans too. These are the enemy of our Constitutional Republic. Continue reading

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Episode 381: Year End Assessment and What Next

Year End Assessment Video at Rumble or YouTube  

My Year End Assessment is totally free forms. I have limited the notes here to highlights ofJanuary 6th Not what History Proves programs I have done over these 52 weeks of programing. Yet, generally speaking, I am focussing on the theme of Political Theology for this week.

Before I go further, there have been a couple individuals who have been faithful financial supporters of the program, as well as, a couple others that joined in with one time gifts. A warm Thank You.

Now, Let me summarize the past year and the one going forward:

Everything is theological. The question is what theology as ascribed to what god?

Murder Before Your EyesWith my summarization, I want to re-quote what I mentioned in the Christmas greeting from a Rev. Jasper Adams:

‘We find by examining its (Christianity’s) history, that, in rude ages, its influence has softened the savage and civilized the barbarian; while in polished ages and communities, it has accomplished the no less important end of communicating and preserving the moral and religious principle, which, among a cultivated people, is in peculiar danger of being extinguished amid the refinements, the gaiety, and the frivolous amusements incident to such a state of society.’ – 1833

As I always say: The Anti-federalists Got It Right, and they clearly predicted our present especially in their full understanding of the ramifications of those American sons of the enlightenment who argued for the Constitution of 1787. The Anti-federalists expected the pulpits to hold true to Christian Orthodoxy but knew full well that the humanism of the enlightenment and the theological shift to Universalism and Unitarianism would be the demise of Constitutionalism. (see Political Theology Part 1 and Demoncrat Convulsion – A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants)

Snapshots of the year in review:

Continue reading

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Episode 380: Colonial Christmas, Car Repossessions, J6 Referral and Transhumanism

Watch Merry Colonial Christmas at Rumble or YouTube

Colonial ChristmasMerry Colonial Christmas to All. Not being cheeky here, that greeting would be offensive to some, being the 17th Century Puritan or the saying would be exceptionally welcoming in a most debauched manner to most others of the period. This is not much different in so many ways as in our present except that the debauched and indulgent humanist in our time echo offense to all things Christmas and Christian. To that, the past echos of the churched, few real Reformed Puritans left, are making their whispers of ‘Christ is Born’ vibrating in the empty congregations.

The celebration of Christmas has not always been as it is today. In fact the ‘humbug’ at the Colonial Christmas period would have been the Puritans. Today, Biblical Reformation believers are the minority who shout the joys of ‘Glory to God in the highest.’ I discuss more on the Podcast or you can skip to the ‘References.’

This week I’m highlighting the less known points about the historical Colonial Christmas up to the Revolutionary period. I know you are scratching your head about the Car Repossessions, J6 and Transhumanism as part of a Colonial Christmas. Well, It all ties to my past programs on Political Theology and Economics.

Make sure you read my Stanford U declared offensive paragraph on the J6 Referrals. Continue reading

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Episode 379: De Tocqueville On Christian Nationalism

De Tocqueville On Christian NationalismDe Tocqueville on Christian Nationalism

Video of De Tocqueville On Christian Nationalism at Rumble or YouTube

In so many ways, ‘Democracy in America was clearly De Tocqueville’s views regarding the principles of America and he makes many references to what many are debating what is called Christian Nationalism. For me, there is no debate but only ignorance of our history and a corruption of theology.

Keep It Simple

Read De Tocqueville for yourself but to help you this week I will begin with this De Tocqueville quote from Book 1, Chapter 2:

‘It must not be imagined that the piety of the Puritans was of a merely speculative kind, or that it took no cognizance of the course of worldly affairs. Puritanism, as I have already remarked, was scarcely less a political than a religious doctrine. No sooner had the emigrants landed on the barren coast described by Nathaniel Morton than it was their first care to constitute a society, by passing the following Act:

“In the name of God. Amen. We, whose names are underwritten, the loyal subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James, etc., etc., Having undertaken for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian Faith, and the honour of our King and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia; Do by these presents solemnly and mutually, in the presence of God and one another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil body politick, for our better ordering and preservation, and furtherance of the ends aforesaid: and by virtue hereof do enact, constitute and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and officers, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the Colony: unto which we promise all due submission and obedience,” etc.

Foundational Principle of Christian Nationalism

Continue reading

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Episode 378: Foreign Affairs – They Told US So

Video of Foreign Affairs available at Rumble and YouTube

Foreign Affairs – They Told US So

Foreign affairs were a major concern of the Anti-Federalist at the time of theforeign affairs Constitution ratification. They clearly predicted what we are engaged in and how the lobbyists of the last 150 years have corrupted the elected.

This week is a comparative review of the arguments in the founding era to the present destructions of Citizen sovereignty by the political class corrupted through foreign affairs and entanglements.

Abating Foreign Influences – NOT

Foreign affairs is always a matter of influence. This has been seen throughout history as one nations leaders look to find advantages over another. Let’s face it, with humanity not living according to the original design of God, the influences sought are more often designed to leverage power for the advantages of the small groups of elites instead of the general good of the citizens.

I want to start with a well stated definition of terms and what is most common in our media messaging madness, the improper use of terms with the example from the opening statement By A Farmer: Continue reading

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Episode 377: Global Reset Being The Economics Of Two Religions

Video of the Economics of Two Religions are at: Rumble Or YouTube

Not withstanding this discussion on the economics of two religions, I have to note theEconomics of Two Religions deeper damnation of these United State are being put under due to codifying immorality once again. This past Tuesday the US Senate presumably completed the passage of the Radical Respect for Marriage Act. See also the USA Today Article: Senate passes landmark legislation protecting same-sex marriage rights: recap .This law fully uses Article IV §1 ‘Full faith and Credit’ clause and the Obergefell ruling, which again misused the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Now we know that SCOTUS took an immoral position in 2015 with Obergefell v. Hodges, which my state, Ohio, was one of the petitioning States in this case. SCOTUS ruled against the citizens and Constitutions of Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

With this immoral law soon to become reality, the question of Two Religions goes well beyond economics. In this weeks program I give you a strong provocation regarding modern economics being morally determined by the statists, including most evangelicals, instead of being morally determined by God centered worldview thinkers and policy makers.

Just remember, that morality can be legislated. The question is: Whose and which morality? And to get the hair on your neck raised I want to use a quote I would have liked to come up with in regard to Christian letting humanists, secular or christian, control most everything:

‘Christians have resigned themselves to be breeders for the Secularists.1

The Economics Of Two Religions

This program is back to economics, that of the Global Reset Being the Economics of Two Religions. Once again, I am several decades late in finding a way to be a greater influence on those around me. I am going back in time here, to the ancient days of the mid-1980’s. Yet, the point of The Economics of Two Religions is ‘get a general sense of what happens in the field of economics when rival religions clash: power religion vs. dominion religion.’ – Gary North, Moses and Pharaoh, page 18 Continue reading

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Episode 376: Revisit with Sam Adams, Teddy R and Trump Standing for We The People.

Standing for Liberty

By 1916 Liberty was already compromised and less than what was Foundationally intended.

I trust that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as I bring you the mirrors of history through a revisit with Sam Adams, Teddy R and Trump standing for We The People. This program first came out in October of 2016. I decided to rerun it over the Thanksgiving weekend since the actual podcast is again appropriate for our time. I just am bringing this program up again as part of an old style of learning, ‘rote’ learning. The article link will help you understand this critical foundational educational style.

Not only is ‘rote’ learning resurgent, but the message of Sam Adams in his report of 1772 Rights of the Colonists is important for relearning the fundamentals of the original struggle for true Liberty. Why include Teddy Roosevelt and Donald Trump in this post? Although, unlike Sam who was relatively poor, Teddy and Trump are of the elite class yet, they did and do, respectively have a heart toward the general Citizenry and love of country.

From Sam Adams To Trump – A Galactic Leap

Let me begin with fact that Donald Trump is not the political dynamo anywhere like the Founding Father Samuel Adams. Be clear that Samuel Adams exercised his political savvy, communication style and ability to stand against tyrants and despots based on his Puritan Reformation Biblical grounding and exemplified life. Therefore Adams, of the three characters in the posting is the only one that purposefully lived and acted to honor God in all that he did and attempt to instantiate Christian Nationalism at both State and National levels.

Considering the two-hundred years of God and government up to 1776, what is now the full transition from a Biblical Reformation Congregations of a ‘moral republic’ to now, our present depraved governance of the enlightenment ‘imperium supra Dei,’ government above God, which very much also rules in the majority of Christian Congregations – hence, godless governance rules the family, church and in every institution associated in these United States. The transitory time of the ‘Gilded Age’ more deeply developed the sense of the ‘political establishment’ that gave rise to the first New York ‘scraper’ Teddy Roosevelt. Continue reading

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Episode 375: Trump’s Needed Action to Designing Men

Video of Trump’s Needed Action to Designing Men at: Rumble or YouTube 

Trump’s needed action to Designing Men causing the liberal chaos in the nation is not so simple as winning the 2024 election. You must first know the Founders use of the wordTrump's needed action ‘Designing’ –

‘In an ill sense, artful; insidious; intriguing; contriving schemes of mischief; hence, deceitful. designing men are always liable to suspicion’ – Websters 1828 Dictionary

This establishment chaos is the result of two centuries of enlightenment thinking and theology that has placed the reasoning minds of humanism above the sovereignty of God. Many authors, deep thinkers, economist, pastors and Reformed minded citizens before me have laid out the mechanisms for what is only in the imaginations of our present patriotic citizenry. These mechanisms lay in the core truths of the nations founding. Yes, the root is Christian Nationalism and Biblical economics.

The reality is that Trump will not have one iota of effect on the trajectory of the statists establishment objectives without a Foundational Reformation of the churches, philosophy of governance and political economic thinking.

One needs to begin with the writing by ‘A Federalist’ who wrote one of the first Anti-federalists responses to the newly proposed Constitution. He titled his article “A Dangerous Plan of Benefit only to the “Aristocratick Combination.” You must come to grips with the reality that the Constitution of 1787 and as presently Amended is being used, but in the ways that the Anti-federalists predicted. Here is a couple excerpts from that letter where I have made emphatic notations in underlined italics:

‘I am pleased to see a spirit of inquiry burst the band of constraint upon the subject of the NEW PLAN for consolidating the governments of the United States, as recommended by the late Convention… The hideous daemon of Aristocracy has hitherto had so much influence as to bar the channels of investigation, preclude the people from inquiry and extinguish every spark of liberal information of its qualities. At length the luminary of intelligence begins to beam its effulgent rays upon this important production; the deceptive mists cast before the eyes of the people by the delusive machinations of its INTERESTED advocates begins to dissipate, as darkness flies before the burning taper; and I dare venture to predict, that in spite of those mercenary dectaimers, the plan will have a candid and complete examination. Those furious zealots who are for cramming it down the throats of the people, without allowing them either time or opportunity to scan or weigh it in the balance of their understandings, bear the same marks in their features as those who have been long wishing to erect an aristocracy in THIS COMMONWEALTH [of Massachusetts]. Their menacing cry is for a RIGID government, it matters little to them of what kind, provided it answers THAT description. As the plan now offered comes something near their wishes, and is the most consonant to their views of any they can hope for, they come boldly forward and DEMAND its adoption. They brand with infamy every man who is not as determined and zealous in its favor as themselves. They cry aloud the whole must be swallowed or none at all, thinking thereby to preclude any amendment; they are afraid of having it abated of its present RIGID aspect. They have strived to overawe or seduce printers to stifle and obstruct a free discussion, and have endeavored to hasten it to a decision before the people can duly reflect upon its properties. In order to deceive them, they incessantly declare that none can discover any defect in the system but bankrupts who wish no government, and officers of the present government who fear to lose a part of their power. These zealous partisans may injure their own cause, and endanger the public tranquility by impeding a proper inquiry; the people may suspect the WHOLE to be a dangerous plan, from such COVERED and DESIGNING schemes to enforce it upon them. Compulsive or treacherous measures to establish any government whatever, will always excite jealousy among a free people: better remain single and alone, than blindly adopt whatever a few individuals shall demand, be they ever so wise.’

Let me stop here for a moment and have you contemplate that the message is the same then as we are hearing today. Can you hear the echo of time in our present? The essence of Liberty for a free people is not in a central government that is everything to all. Continue reading

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Episode 374: Election Redirection Via Redistricting

Video of Election Redirection Via Redistricting at Rumble or YouTube 

Quit trying to analyze the 2022 midterm election as candidate mishaps,election redirection party tomfoolery or fraud. This mid-term debacle was a result of election redirection via redistricting. In fact, so was the 2020 election. I discovered the insidiousness of this fact as I was researching the Ohio Constitution Article XI: Apportionment, for the class I teach.

Wow, I hit the Mega-jackpot, wish it was the billion that was recently claimed, but this is bigger. While all the political heads are high on who knows what, these election results were strategically planned beginning in 2010 and fully implemented in 2014 with their shining ‘dark star(Newtonian Mechanics) making major moves in 2018. With law suits and state constitutional initiatives, the key ‘in play’ states were targeted. Many of the targeted states resulted in the strategic outcomes as intended by the implemented redistricting efforts.

Election Redirection – gerrymander the gerrymanders with Gerrymandering

Does that heading sound confusing? Well you should read through the Ohio Constitution Amendment of 2018 and your confusion will be, confused. The 2018 Amendment to Article XI of the Ohio Constitution was the work of a specific group that I talk about. Not only was Ohio on the target list but so was: Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. See any patterns here?

Mid-term Losses – Election Redirection

Continue reading

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Episode 373: Contentious Political Rhetoric

Watch video at Rumble or

Facts are never wanted when emotion can drive the results. I am expanding on some previous discussions regarding the History of Contentious Political RhetContentious Political Rhetoricoric. Except as we approach this November 8th, we truly see the communist dialectic in full bloom with the addition of actual physical turbulent ruthlessness and strong-arm-tactics.

This week I’m not writing a lot of content. I am giving you a good number of references to review and am talking about the periods of most contentious political rhetoric.

I am also looking at the communication methodologies used by the socialists, Marxists and other haters of true Liberty. Yes, as many of you are aware, the media is the extension of these ideologies and is the most studied in group messaging propaganda. Let’s begin with this quote:

‘The common element in all of this is the degeneration of language into an instrument of rape. It does contain violence, albeit in latent form. And precisely this is one of the lessons recognized by Plato through his own experience with the sophists of his time, a lesson he sets before us as well. This lesson, in a nutshell, says: the abuse of political power is fundamentally connected with the sophistic abuse of the word, indeed, finds in it the fertile soil in which to hide and grow and get ready, so much so that the latent potential of the totalitarian poison can be ascertained, as it were, by observing the symptom of the public abuse of language. The degradation, too, of man through man … by all tyrannies, has its beginnings … when the word loses its dignity.’ – JOSEPH PIEPER

To this point of language degeneration add the manipulation to purposeful contention via agitation as in: (my addition in italic)

‘But the overall effect of agitation will be a powerful force in compelling people to action, often around a new question or outrage which is completely unrelated to the specific things exposed before. Of course the Party (today’s Democrat party) must seek to concentrate on promoting such major struggles, and its agitation must play a role in publicizing, popularizing and organizing them. There is a role for calls to actions, but they should not be confused with agitation which occupies an overall more important place than such calls to action.’ – On the Role of Agitation and Propaganda,

Nothing New in Contentious Ideological Politics – Fighting

Continue reading

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