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7-11-20 Forge Leadership Network: Jeremiah Martin

Forge Leadership  Forge Leadership Network

This week I interview the COO of Forge Leadership Network, Jeremiah Martin and an active graduate of the program, Adam Retych.

The Forge Leadership Network is my answer to pray regarding the raising up of the next generation of leadership for a professional life and most importantly, governance. Governance include every approach of life from personal, family, church, business, justice and yes, where we are greatly lacking, the political arena. Continue reading

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7-4-20 Samuel Adams Returns

Samuel Adams Returns  Adams, Otis and Liberty

Samuel Adams Returns, The Anti-federalists Got It Right is the name of this program. It was brought to my attention that Sam Adams was never on the program.

Therefore, this week, Samuel Adams is the Guest Host of the program named after him. Sam will spend a couple of segments of this program to take us through his speech about the Declaration of Independence.

Letter of Instruction 1764

Constituents would select a key member of the community to develop and write a ‘Letter of Instruction’ to those elected to the General Assembly. In 1764, Samuel Adams was the designated citizen to develop and write ‘INSTRUCTIONS OF HE TOWN OF BOSTON TO ITS REPRESENTATIVES IN THE GENERAL COURT. MAY, 1764.’

For this weeks program, Sam is not only summarizing the purpose of these instructions but read to us the key elements that are relevant to our present time and situation.

Samuel Adams August 1, 1774 Speech

Continue reading

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6-27-20 Interview with Leonard Gilbert

Interview With Leonard  Lacing Wisdom

It is an honor to interview my fantastic friend Leonard Gilbert. Leonard is a leader that has the insights to issues of the day because he has studied not only the past but also the depths of the Scriptures. He brings the life lived application of God’s word to the discussion of family, governance, politics and church.

During this conversation with Leonard, we will focus on God and Government. We will cover the concepts that are not taught in schools today thereby causing the unrest we see amongst people as well as the rise of Marxist revolution across the nation.

Questions For The Present

Some of what Leonard and I intend to cover are:

  • What is foundational in America from the time of the Puritans?

  • Does the Bible address the relationship between God and governance?

  • Education.

  • Activism.

  • The church walking away from its responsibilities to humanity.

  • What must we do?

On that note I want to remind all those that are leaders in your community and especially those who are in their church to read ‘The Chaplains and Clergy of the American Revolution.’ Continue reading

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6-20-20 Political Theology – Escape From CHAZ

Escape From CHAZ Escape From CHAZ

I thought it appropriate to consider what is would be like to make the movie ‘Escape From CHAZ’. As I noted in last weeks program, I am not remotely surprised by the upheaval or the emergence of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone ‘CHAZ.’ As any of us who have been watching what has happened in education, particularly over the last fifty plus years, is the inculcation of Marxists agitation, the withdraws of Foundational Christianity from all of life and the expulsion of truthful foundational history.

To see the cauldron of cultivated indoctrination frothing and boiling over with the witches brew of anarchy and Bolshevism running the likes of CHAZ and the riots across the land is the utter failure of the establishment churches in these United States. The only means for an ‘Escape From CHAZ’ is another ‘Great Awakening’ with a foundational and historical – Biblical reformation of the churches in America. Bad theology is at the core of the unrest Continue reading

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6-13-20 1771 Candidus and Liberty Lost Today

1771 Candidus – Lost Liberty Today  Liberty Lost

Lost Liberty Today is explained in my dusting off of the Sam Adams ‘1771 Candidus’ news paper article. Sam wrote, ‘I Believe that no people ever yet groaned under the heavy yoke of slavery, but when they deserv’d it.’  Sad to say but these United States deserve what they are experiencing at present.

I will delve into this Sam Adams article to some extent but you must read it and my application commentary at the end.


The 1771 Candidus article strikes hard against allowing our Liberty to be Lost. Sam comments, ‘The truth is, All might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought. Is it possible that millions could be enslaved by a few, which is a notorious fact, if all possessed the independent spirit of Brutus, who to his immortal honor, expelled the proud Tyrant of Rome, and his “royal and rebellious race?” If therefore a people will not be free; if they have not virtue enough to maintain their liberty against a presumptuous invader, they deserve no pity, and are to be treated with contempt and ignominy.’ Over the last fifty years, I put the Republican Party in the context of lacking virtue enough to maintain our liberty. A recent example of not understanding Foundational freedom is the ‘Republican-led Committee Passes Elizabeth Warrens Amendment to Rename Military Bases Continue reading

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6-6-20 Religion and Burning Cities

Religion and Burning Cities  Burning Cities

I am more than delighted to have my good friend and business partner George Brennan on the program. We are discussing Religion and Burning Cities in that G. K. Chesterton – C. S. Lewis kind of way. We will explain that in the 1st Segment of the program.

We will be approaching the Burning of the Cities in a manner that capitalizes on George’s work in ‘sustainability’ over the decades that I’ve worked with him. Let me tease you with the idea that ‘sustainability’ is better understood from the view of The Tree Hugging Capitalist.

Now, how is it that modern Religion and Burning Cities have any connection. To some extents these are two separate topics but they do have several points of intersection. This was true during the founding of the nation and is continuing to prove true when morality and virtue are at the low point. Continue reading

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5-30-20 Political Theology: Unmasking and Richard Baxter

Political Theology: Unmasking and Richard Baxter

This week we are returning to my theme of Political Theology. In particular the Unmasking of masking in relationship to Richard Baxter.

For those of you who do not know Richard Baxter, he was one of the key 17th Century Puritan church leaders. Now many pastors out there like Baxter because he is known as ‘a Pastors – Pastor.’ He has a lot to say about what that means in relationship to congregational leadership and development but… What they ignore is that he was a standard barer for Liberty and what moderns have come to term in a nasty way – Theonomy or a 17th Century variation of it. Continue reading

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5-23-20 John Trudel Talks Bio and D4 Warfare

Bio and D4 Warfare  Trudel Books

In the midst of everyday life how is the impact of modern Bio and D4 Warfare missed by the ordinary Citizenry? On this program, my friend John Trudel and I will unpack what Bio and D4 (disinformation) Warfare are. We will take a look at this from some personal experiences as well as revisit John’s book “Soft Target.”

John and I have had past conversations on this program as to how predictive his books have been. Our intent is that you join this free flowing conversation about what happened in Wuhan and this aftermath. John will take us through a threat analysis in the manner of the researcher and former technologist spook that he is. Continue reading

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5-16-20 The Un-named is Here

The Un-named  Soft Despostism

The Un-named is here in that the essay that I completed at this link begins with the inability to formulate a word. I find that many in our present do not want to formulate that word in describing our present condition. Yet when you take in all that is occurring across these United States it is imperative to see how the governors and the bureaucrats – after having thus taken each individual citizen, one by one into their powerful hands, and having molded him as they pleases – these elected but self-designated sovereign powers extends their arms over the entire society.

The Un-named has inflicted US with all these small, complicated, minute, and uniform rules. Many folks are mandated to wear masks that have no real effect except making a number of folks sick. We cannot associate closer than ‘6 feet’ apart. The rules are pushed across the state and into every home. With all of this, you – the most original minds and the most vigorous souls cannot break through to go beyond the crowd that wants to put a guilt trip on you for not wearing a mask.

Our response has been un-natural to a free society. More so, it is an indicator of a society that now puts security due to the fear of dying above Liberty and even economy. The religion of government has superseded the basics of a living God by making going to church ‘non-essential.’ I dispute that and am delighted to see churches/pastors taking legal action to that regard. Continue reading

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5-9-20 The Course of Events

The Course of Events

WhirlpoolThis week, in the Course of Events – the journey of personal revelation is played out in what ebbs and tides the sea of life.

As I reflect on this past week, there are those aspects of life that move in the tide of macro and micro instances of what is before us. The constant in it all is that we must balance the view of the ocean to cross and the puddle we are about to step in or the tear that is to be wiped off of a cheek. Where are our eyes focussed in the mist that can hover over any water and obscure the reality of its true dangers or joys.

This week the tides and winds have taken us on a journey of all that causes the oceans to fill and then refreshes the lands with the waters cleansed by the evaporation from the sea. The macro of national politics where fear has paralyzed those who succumb to an idolatry of science. The micro of family that has many mixed blessings but can rage as the ocean storms. All combine to effect the course of events that call for steadfastness and a source of continuity. Continue reading

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